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Michael Dell Says PowerScale Needs a Parallel File System, But Dates on When They Will Offer It Have Not Been Released. Why Wait?

By Eric Bassier, Senior Director of Solution Marketing

At Dell Technologies World 2024, one of the hot topics being discussed was the use of unstructured data for AI, and hints about Project Lightning, which will “bring a new parallel file system” to the PowerScale product line.

Source: https://www.computerweekly.com/news/366587396/Dell-launches-PowerStore-Prime-and-hints-at-PowerScale-AI-boost

Little else is known at this time, so we will have to wait and see both how, and when, Dell will release this product. But if you are actively working on your AI architecture strategies and need a high-performance solution now – why wait?

Here are three reasons you should be talking to Hammerspace right now…

Reason # 1 – Hammerspace Can Deliver These Advantages Today

Hammerspace introduced the Hyperscale NAS architecture earlier this year. This is the first and only standards-based parallel file system architecture that delivers the performance and scale of HPC file systems without the complexities associated with proprietary file system clients.

Said differently, a hyperscale NAS architecture delivers a direct path between clients and storage, using the NFS 4.2 client that is part of every modern Linux OS. With Hammerspace, you can get the performance and scale advantages of a true parallel file system architecture TODAY, without the deployment, maintenance, and integration challenges that proprietary file system clients require. 

Hyperscale NAS architecture combines parallel file system performance with enterprise NAS simplicity

Reason # 2 – Use the Hardware of Your Choice, Including Dell

The Dell PowerScale F910 demonstrates some great hardware innovation, and some real customer value, including claims of 2x performance per watt over the previous generation of servers. 

Hammerspace is software, and it is both storage-agnostic and hardware-agnostic, so as servers and storage continue to advance, you can bring the latest hardware into the Hammerspace Global Data Platform easily.

Heterogeneous hardware? No problem. Some of our customers mix OCP NVMe servers with in-place NAS storage, and all of that can be part of the Hammerspace Global Data Platform. 

Our unique software architecture means you can deploy whatever hardware you want – it could be commercial off-the-shelf NVMe storage servers, could be OCP servers, and it could be Dell servers. We have many customers that run Hammerspace on Dell servers with great performance, availability, and an overall excellent customer experience. 

Reason # 3 – Keep Your Existing Data on Isilon/PowerScale

Lastly, if you have an existing Isilon or PowerScale system and want to keep that storage on the floor, but make those files accessible for new initiatives, then only Hammerspace offers the ability to assimilate data from existing Isilon systems, so those files can be viewed and modified within the Hammerspace Global Data Platform.

Only metadata is imported, data stays in place, and files are visible within minutes. This simplifies everything from data migration to sourcing or assembling data from for purposes of AI training and RAG frameworks. 

Want to learn more about Data-in-Place Assimilation? This 2-minute video does a great job. 

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About the Author

Eric is the Senior Director, Solution Marketing and Sales Enablement, at Hammerspace. He is an innovative product leader with extensive experience launching and evangelizing products, driving go-to-market strategies, and creating compelling content to drive customer engagement and growth.