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Life Sciences


The Life Science community has long faced challenges around data management and the infrastructure needed to support research. Genomic sequencers, Cryo-EM microscopes, and imaging devices continue to generate data at an unprecedented rate, and the computational resources required for discovery continue to increase.

While these advances offer significant promise to the field, value is realized only when data is enabled across researchers and organizations. However, tools to efficiently make this data available to those who need it are limited.

Life science organizations today have diverse storage footprints. Instruments, labs, infrastructure, and users are not always geographically co-located. This adds complexity and slows the pace of research progress.
Increasingly complex research workflows stretch both resources and budget in multiple areas:


Increasingly complex workflows stretch both resources and budget in multiple areas:

01. Data Accessibility and Availability

Research data is commonly located on different storage platforms. A Global Data Environment eliminates storage silos and consolidates them under a single global namespace to enable collaboration across a workforce. 

02. Data Management and Classification 

Research data is commonly located on different storage platforms. A Global Data Environment eliminates storage silos and consolidates them under a single global namespace to enable collaboration across a workforce. 

03. Cost Control

Make all data accessible and available from any location, while simultaneously ensuring it is analyzed, stored and protected on the most cost-effective storage tier.  

04. Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Agility and Elasticity 

Enable simple and automated multi-cloud flexibility. Access GPU and compute resources, and storage capacity across any cloud, any region, instantly.  Meet unforeseen peak demands, access new technologies, or get your data to GPUs. 

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Hammerspace Solution

Hammerspace is a software solution that provides a global data environment to give users, applications, and cloud services local access to data, no matter where it is stored. It is designed to help research organizations create, analyze, and manage creative projects from inception, to collaboration, to archive across a decentralized environment.


High-performance data creation to keep instruments running at full speed


Share datasets across multiple file protocols and give simultaneous access to different application workflows.


Automated data orchestration to remote teams and distributed data services in the cloud without making multiple copies of data


Secure, policy-driven data tiering and data protection

Hammerspace Solutions For

Imaging and Precision Medicine


The Hammerspace Global Data Environment is built on a high-performance, parallel, global file system, designed to work with any storage in modern genomics pipelines. This ensures data capture from instruments is fast and reliable, regardless of which storage types are being used. As data is created, Hammerspace automates the data orchestration between high-performance storage and other on-prem and Cloud storage, enabling policy-driven data placement and protection for the entire workflow while maintaining fast processing, alignment, variant testing, and online collaboration for both local and remote users.


Concurrently run all phases of the microscopy workflow without the need to manually copy data between storage silos or geographic locations. Hammerspace makes it fast and efficient to capture, process, analyze, visualize, and share in a single data environment. It is built on a high-performance global file system that can bridge multiple silos, multiple data centers, and even multiple Cloud regions and vendors. Simplify working with decentralized resources. Applications, users and data services at any location directly work with all resources as though they were local. With the scale-out parallelism of the Hammerspace global file system, this is made possible without sacrificing performance.

Imaging and Precision Medicine

    Individual patient data needs to be created, retained and protected over the life of the patient. This same data often needs to be compared with other large sets of sample data in the diagnostic and research process, but which might physically be stored in remote locations or in other storage silos. Hammerspace provides the ability to use a single global data environment so users and applications can have local access to files that may be distributed across multiple silos and data centers. File-granular orchestration by policy optimizes placement and protection of high resolution images, and enables analysis of massive data sets across otherwise incompatible resources. Decentralized applications and teams are now able to collaborate directly, without wrangling file copies.