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Hyperscale NAS Architecture

Combine HPC performance with standards-based NAS simplicity to accelerate data pipelines and maximize GPU resource utilization.

What is Hyperscale NAS?

The Performance and Scalability of HPC Parallel File Systems with the Simplicity of Enterprise NAS

Organizations embarking on their AI journey have not had a viable storage option – until now.

A Hyperscale NAS architecture is a fundamentally different NAS architecture that combines the performance and scale of HPC parallel file systems with Enterprise NAS standards and features.

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Enterprise AI Applications Need Hyperscale NAS

A New Era of AI and GPU Computing

The world has entered a new era of enterprise AI and deep learning. Organizations in every industry are training generative AI models in order to gain efficiencies, accelerate innovation, and drive their business forward. Training these models requires access to large data sets, distributed GPU resources, and extremely fast storage to feed large GPU clusters.

Existing Technologies Can’t Keep Up

Keeping these GPUs fully utilized requires extreme parallel performance that is not possible with scale-out NAS, and has previously only been possible with complex HPC parallel file systems that are difficult to deploy and manage and lack enterprise features.


Extreme Parallel Performance

Scale Linearly from a few nodes to  thousands and exabytes of capacity

Use Existing Hardware

Deploy on commodity-off-the-shelf servers, and even re-use existing storage. Direct client-to-storage path means network ports can be reduced up to 3x.

Standards Based

No proprietary client, no exotic networking technology, and no special storage technology required.

Simplify Data Governance

Easily protect data with snapshots and clones. Recover data with versioning and undelete. Manage permissions and more.

Hyperscale NAS Combines HPC Parallel File System Performance with Standards-Based NAS Simplicity

The Hammerspace Hyperscale NAS architecture is based on the Hammerspace Global Parallel File System, and is the first storage architecture to use Parallel NFS with the Flex Files layout to provide standards-based, fast and efficient parallel data access to any NFSv4.2 Linux client.

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The Hammerspace Hyperscale NAS Architecture Delivers:

  • NExtreme parallel performance for mixed I/O workloads, ideal for AI training and GPU processing
  • NLinear Scalability from a few nodes to thousands of stoarge nodes
  • NDirect data path, with metadata out of band, between any client and storage volume

Everything is Standards-Based, Software-Defined, and Storage-Agnostic

  • NNo proprietary parallel file system clients
  • NFlexible Networking Options
  • NLeverage Industry Standard, Commodity storage hardware or existing NAS, object or block storage from any 3rd party storage vendor