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Episode 14: The Data Pyramid w/Cal Braunstein

Episode 14: The Data Pyramid w/Cal Braunstein

On this episode of Data Unchained, we sit down with CEO of the Robert Francis Group Cal Braunstein. Molly and Cal dive into how data has become complex, the different types of structures data has occupied, and data architectures. Don't miss out on this exciting...

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Meet your host

Molly Presley currently serves as SVP of Marketing at Hammerspace and has many years of experience working with organizations that use data to improve quality of life, understand the world and universe we live in better, and accelerate time to innovation.

Together with thought leaders, Molly explores the benefits, best practices, and challenges associated with overcoming data being siloed or under the control of the individual and moving toward data as a global resource for decentralized workflows and distributed organizations.