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The Hammerspace Data Orchestration System

The Hammerspace Data Orchestration System assimilates, tiers, moves, replicates, places, protects and manages Enterprise file data.  

True data orchestration holistically provides data lifecycle management within a single logical system that is standards-based, untethered by infrastructure, scalable, provides high performance, enables granular control of data, is highly automated and globally accessible. 

Hammerspace data orchestration optimally manages the lifecycle of your Enterprise data in order to achieve your business goals.  


The operative word is “optimally”.  Certainly, companies have done their best to manage data life cycles using a bevy of third-party solutions and data services provided by siloed storage systems – but these add complexity on top of complexity, multiplied by inefficiency. Hammerspace changes this paradigm (yes, I used the “p” word again!) completely in a way that not only greatly simplifies managing data lifecycles and also enables new use cases that heretofore were either impossible to achieve or grossly impractical to implement.  

The frequent movement of file data, as a part of a workflow, elevates data orchestration to a solution that is essential to your business.  Hammerspace customers get their work done creating new products, rendering media, analyzing data, conducting research, designing and engineering systems and structures, and much more — all leveraging our data orchestration system.  And they do so by utilizing resources in multiple locations, regardless if they are across the street and/or around the globe; on-premises and/or in the public cloud.

Hammerspace proactively enables customers to orchestrate data, whether it is one file or millions, to remote locations for people, compute and applications to access.  

  • Hammerspace provides a single logical system that spans multiple data centers enabling efficient collaboration for Enterprise file data.  We eliminate copy sprawl and the manually intensive management of multiple disparate systems.  
  • Users in San Francisco, Dallas, Paris, Tokyo and Sidney have visibility and access to Enterprise file data stored in New York.  And not just a handful but to billions of files. 
  • Hammerspace orchestrates Enterprise file data that resides, for example, in London, to your compute farm in Montreal.  This allows you to use your existing resources wherever they are located.
  • Enterprise file data can be tiered to multiple object buckets around the world getting your data closer to your remote resources to reduce latency and improve performance.  Hammerspace can orchestrate your files to 100+ individual buckets.

Management Through Metadata

Hammerspace controls file data through its metadata.  You can create policies based on file name, file type, file size, creation date, modified data, access date, etc. and any combination thereof.

You can customize metadata, tagging each file with PROJECT123 and implement workflows for all files with that tag.  

Hammerspace enables you to run these policies, what we call Objectives, in our GUI, custom scripts and we have integrated with a number of applications to simplify and automate the orchestration of data throughout our customers’ Enterprises.

Managing file data through metadata and customized metadata has limitless potential.  This cannot be understated.  It can be as simple as moving dormant data to whatever tier that meets your needs — to creating workflows initiated by your applications across twenty data centers moving millions of files to be used by tens of thousands of users.

Data Orchestration in the Real World

Jellyfish Pictures, headquartered in London, was able to expand its global workforce adding over a hundred new digital animators in India by leveraging Hammerspace and our data orchestration system.  As such, they were able to get multiple projects from major studios that they would not have otherwise.  This also impacted their culture with a new outlook on hiring where the talent is without the restraints of their Enterprise data being stuck inside of local data centers.

The cost of power can be very expensive if your workloads require a lot of core hours to process.  But here is the thing, the price of power varies greatly based on where you are in the world.  Jellyfish estimated that the cost of power utilizing 100,000 cores to render a two-hour movie would be approximately 1.5 million dollars in London.  However, if they were able to render the same movie in Montreal, the price would be cut more than half.  And that is for one movie!  Jellyfish will save millions of dollars per annum by having Hammerspace orchestrate their render files to compute farms in regions of the world where power is far less expensive.

Jellyfish has collaborated with Hammerspace so that their data orchestration is built into their applications enabling their production managers to easily get their files, the lifeblood of their business, to remote users and compute resources that are literally thousands of miles away with a click of a button.

Hammerspace was able to help them expand their workforce globally, get projects they otherwise would have been unable to resource, increase revenue and profitability, and reduce overall production time.  

Jellyfish is not a global company just by having offices in different parts of the world.  It is because Hammerspace Data Orchestration enables their Enterprise data to be a global asset.    

Hammerspace can be as simple as a two-tiered use case orchestrating active and dormant data with the right balance of price and performance and/or we can be deeply integrated into your applications and data workflows across multiple locations consisting of millions of files and thousands of users automating mobility, placement, access and protection of your Enterprise file data.

The impact is significant, varied and far reaching. There is no ceiling on what Hammerspace is doing and the journey has just begun.