Hammerspace Introduces an All-New Storage Architecture | Read the Press Release

Infinite Tactics

InfiniteTactics is a veteran-owned HPC professional services firm that produces targeted, integrated, custom systems in the information technology space.

Its products focus on providing tools and enabling workflows for modeling, simulation, and analytics in a simple, secure, and scalable environment on-premises or in the cloud. With a diverse set of clients ranging from small healthcare start-ups, to universities, to the Department of Defense, InfiniteTactics is the premier provider of large-scale, secure access solutions.

Hammerspace software is integrated with InfiniteTactics’ Analytics Gateway, which provides high performance computing as a service to power modeling, simulation and analytics tools and applications to become easily web-accessible and interoperable regardess of infrastructure. The Analytics Gateway platform has received an official Authority To Operate (ATO) from the United States Air Force. Enterprises, public sector organizations, and individuals can deploy the Analytics Gateway to their existing cloud environment on AWS, or to their own on-premise resources. InfiniteTactics is a Select Tier Services partner and an authorized commercial reseller with AWS.

InfiniteTactics is working with DoD HPC centers to manage a hybrid workflow from its on-premises data centers to AWS. Hammerspace software became a natural fit for the project because of its ability to help public sector HPC environments create, process, and manage even extreme volumes of HPC data, and to enable collaboration across a decentralized environment.

Hammerspace’s standards based software is designed to accommodate even extreme workload requirements, enabling HPC customers to utilize pNFS to parallelize performance across any vendor storage, or cloud resource. Hammerspace allows Agencies to fully leverage all data assets, optimize decentralized edge workloads, enhance the ability to leverage AI and ML tools, and efficiently protect and secure their data over geo-dispersed assets.

Together with partners like InfiniteTactics, Hammerspace helps organizations securely put data to use across locations while simplifying IT operations by automating data protection and data management to meet policies set by administrators.