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State of Data Architectures in the Next Data Cycle

With Hammerspace Founder & CEO, David Flynn and ESG Industry Analyst, Scott Sinclair

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The Next Data Cycle has Arrived!  

Enterprises and Government organizations are in a race to gather insights from ALL data, not just their structured database data.  New technologies are now deployed in the most innovative organizations and giving them a competitive advantage.  The data architectures of these organizations are:

  • Driven by Insights from Analytics and AI Applications 
  • Fueled by Data Orchestration to eliminate Data Silos and bring Data to Remote Compute, Applications and Users
  • Powered by GPU Computing to accelerate time to insights

Join David Flynn, Hammerspace Founder & CEO and Scott Sinclair, ESG Analyst, & Practice Director, to learn how Global Data Environments are deployed in some of the largest data driven organizations in the world.  

You will learn how leading Online Gaming, Space Exploration, Visual Effects, Life Sciences, Telecommunications, and Financial Services organizations:

  1. Break down storage silos – unify all data, stored on multiple vendor’s technology and in different cloud regions,  into a single global namespace.  
  2. Put data in motion – intelligently and automatically move data to the compute, application or user that can benefit from data access
  3. Eliminate data copies – create a “gold data” set to ensure applications are using the correct version of data while eliminating costs of managing and storing multiple copies of data. 
  4. Overcome data gravity – Automatically place data on the infrastructure which meets business “objectives”.  When data needs to be put in motion, user access is not disrupted while data is in motion, and, only files needed are moved.

David and Scott will also discuss the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, and share data strategies that will empower enterprises to gain data driven insights and automation to grow revenue streams and improve operational efficiencies.

About Hammerspace

Hammerspace is radically changing how unstructured data is used and preserved. Our Global Data Platform unifies unstructured data across edge, data centers, and clouds. It provides extreme parallel performance for AI, GPUs, and high-speed data analytics, and orchestrates data to any location and any storage system. This eliminate data silos and makes data an instantly accessible resource for users, applications, and compute clusters, no matter where they are located.