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Data Gravity is Dead…

and there was much rejoicing.

Hammerspace has eliminated data gravity. It’s done. Gone. Extinct.

Seriously. Hammerspace actually enables anti-gravity for your unstructured data. And we do so simply, intelligently and efficiently.

The thesis is simple: Data should not be trapped inside of storage systems, whether on-premises or on the cloud. The notion that data is subordinate to physical hardware is antithetical to the entire concept of digital transformation. It’s like putting an airplane inside of a moving truck and calling it flight.

Hammerspace provides a true global file system, an abstraction layer, combined with file-granular data services and objective-based policies to automate the mobility of data to any storage system regardless of location. Whether you want to move one file, tens of thousands of files or even billions of files – it is all within your control. And this is done live, transparently and non-disruptively to your users and applications.

Anti-Gravity in the Real World

  • With a single click send file data to compute farms in remote data centers with cheap power for rendering, analytics, simulations, etc.
  • Provide access and visibility of billions of files to your distributed workforce around the globe but only send them the files they need to work on locally without making copies of your data (eliminates copy sprawl).
  • Enable and automate data tiering to fast storage, inexpensive storage, remote storage, dense storage, etc.
  • Migrate your data from one region of the cloud to another – or from one cloud vendor to another – or one storage system to another and/or to the cloud. Or all of the above online and non-disruptively with no remapping, rebooting or downtime.

And there are many more examples, which future blog posts will continue to discuss and explore.

Eliminating data gravity has obvious and non-obvious benefits to business with profound implications and broad applicability across industries and use cases. It is a mindset shift that is slowly but steadily gaining momentum and awareness, and will eventually become pervasive and requisite. We’ve seen this happen a number of times before within high tech and wonder how we managed living (and working) in the outdated paradigms of yesteryear.

Your data is what’s really important, not your infrastructure. That is why the old model of having data tethered to hardware makes no sense in the modern world. While physical and virtual infrastructure is vital and necessary, it should be regarded as an incidental and fungible commodity that is leveraged to ensure performance, resiliency and availability in service to your data.

Digital transformation can never truly be achieved if Enterprise data is bounded to storage. Unstructured data needs to be distributed. Accessible. Mobile. Available. Regardless of where it is stored. Data gravity must be smashed to smithereens. And we’ve got just the “hammer” to do it.