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Hammerspace Unveils the World’s First Global Data Environment

Expands Executive Team with Proven Leaders in Channel Sales, Global Sales and Marketing

Announcement Highlights:

  • Introducing the Global Data Environment – Hammerspace delivers the world’s first and only Global Data Environment to connect global users and applications with their data, at the edge and on any existing data center infrastructure or public cloud infrastructure.
  • Expands Executive Team with High Growth Experience in Cloud, Data Management, and Storage – Jim Choumas, VP of Channel Sales; Chris Bowen, SVP of Global Sales; and Molly Presley, SVP of Marketing.
  • New Channel Program – Hammerspace is introducing the new Partnerspace channel partner program to expand access to expertise in implementing a Global Data Environment.

San Mateo, Calif. – November 15, 2021 – Hammerspace today unveiled the first Global Data Environment that breaks down the boundaries of data access for users and applications anywhere in the world to create, process, store, and protect data on any existing data center or preferred cloud infrastructure. Organizations have struggled for decades with the challenge of using file data outside the data center where it was created. This limitation is holding back the speed of research, innovation, and growth of data-driven businesses.

Introducing the Global Data Environment

Hammerspace recognized that data is significantly less valuable when it is isolated in different silos and trapped in various locations. The Hammerspace Global Data Environment provides the world’s first and only solution to connect global users and applications with their data on any existing data center infrastructure or preferred public cloud service.

“The world needs a revolutionary approach to data access. Hammerspace is committed to changing the paradigm of data storage. We break data free from the constraints of the storage system and liberate IT teams from endless manual data management tasks,” said David Flynn, Hammerspace founder and CEO. “The Global Data Environment enables all data to automatically be accessed from infrastructure local to the user for maximum performance.”

Any Datacenter, Any Cloud, Any Region, Anywhere. Hammerspace enables organizations to easily store, protect and operate on data by moving it to the best location to access compute resources, take advantage of the lowest cost infrastructure and make files locally available to their distributed workforces across the globe. The company’s data orchestration is the only solution that can support any storage type and vendor as a single pool, storing data on existing storage systems, buckets in the cloud, across different regions and multiple cloud services. Furthermore, tiering, moving and replicating data across these sites and systems is completely transparent to users and applications.

Applications Anywhere. Applications that require persistent data are weighed down by legacy storage systems and services. Hammerspace Universal Data Access and Orchestration layers make applications boundless by making their associated data available across all remote locations, ensuring locality for performance to both on-premises data centers and the public cloud.

Users Anywhere. People are increasingly working from all parts of the world. Organizations seek to grow their talent pools with access to team members no matter where they reside. The Hammerspace Global Data Environment automates and optimizes data movement and eliminates the need to replicate a full copy of the data at each site, enabling the enterprise to work more efficiently and cost-effectively. Rich file services, such as file-level versioning, allow geographically dispersed teams to work on the same data safely.

Expands Executive Team with High Growth Experience in Cloud, Data Management, and Storage

Hammerspace has brought on a team of experienced leaders from high-growth companies who have led successful company growth and customer engagement strategies as cloud adoption accelerated and workforces became increasingly distributed.

  • Chris Bowen, SVP of Worldwide Sales – previous global sales leader for storage, data science and cloud gateways companies, including StorOne, Iguazio and Avere Systems
  • Jim Choumas, VP of Channel Sales – previous channel leader with cloud and data management companies, including Fusion-io, Panzura, Igneous, Qumulo and NetApp
  • Molly Presley, SVP of Marketing – previous marketing leader in SaaS, cloud software, and data-intensive file system companies, including Pantheon Platform, Qumulo, Quantum, DDN and Spectra Logic

New Channel Program

Hammerspace is also introducing its new channel program, Partnerspace, which integrates tightly with the channel for 100% of their customer engagements. The channel brings the deep experience needed to help organizations that are grappling with distributed on-prem data centers, hybrid cloud strategies, and empowering a remote workforce. The program is designed to help our partners accelerate their business by bringing true value to their customers through new disruptive solutions in a consultative manner.

Supporting Quotes

Randy Kerns, Senior Strategist, Evaluator Group: “Hammerspace has a comprehensive solution for global namespace access, making data available where it’s used and when needed. The many features coupled with the rapid data movement enable greater productivity in a world where remote collaboration has become prevalent. Beyond the product capabilities, Hammerspace has added the key personnel for success. The experience they bring is invaluable and is a key move for the company.”

Dave Van Hoy, President, Advanced Systems Group: “ASG has been honored to advise professional media groups on the optimal solutions to help them bring their media assets to life. With our focus on Media & Entertainment Post-Production, we are enthusiastic to see the innovation Hammerspace is delivering to the industry to join data center environments with the massive scale and power of the cloud.”

Aaron Cardenas, CEO, P1 Technologies: “P1 Technologies has been proud to bring the latest and most innovative technologies to our customers for years. At our recent P1 Technologies Summit, our customers were inspired by the prospect of bringing together the work of their distributed workforce in a single data environment that spanned both their data center and cloud infrastructure.”

Molly Presley, SVP Marketing, Hammerspace: “For years, I have spoken to customers in Media & Entertainment, Life Sciences, Research Computing and Enterprise IT that constantly struggled with sharing their file data with distributed users. They have tried to build their own solutions; they have tried to integrate multiple data movers, storage solutions, and metadata management solutions but have never been satisfied with the results. Hammerspace took on this really tough innovation challenge and has created an elegant, efficient, integrated solution.”

Jim Choumas, VP Channel Sales, Hammerspace: “What initially attracted me to Hammerspace was the executive leadership team and incredible talent being formed across the company. I knew that with this team, the culture would align with my values and the type of company that I want to be a part of and help contribute to its growth. Secondly was the disruptive nature of the technology and how it addressed the market’s needs, with huge upside. Hammerspace checked all the boxes for me, so I was thrilled and honored to join the team.”

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Hammerspace delivers a Global Data Environment that spans across on-prem data centers and public cloud infrastructure. With origins in Linux, NFS, open standards, flash and deep file system and data management technology leadership, Hammerspace delivers the world’s first and only solution to connect global users with their data and applications, on any existing data center infrastructure or public cloud services.

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