Hammerspace Introduces an All-New Storage Architecture | Read the Press Release

Use Hammerspace and Wasabi for Secure, Affordable Unstructured Data Storage and Orchestration

The world is storing more capacity in the public cloud than ever, and enterprises are adopting multiple cloud storage providers to maximize both performance and cost efficiencies.

Whether an organization is outgrowing a single NAS and needs more storage, or wants to implement a tiering strategy to offload expensive storage, inevitably these tasks require files to be migrated away from where they live today, and where users and applications expect to find them.

Use Your Data Where You Want, When You Want!

Hammerspace overcomes the limitations of fragmented on-prem and cloud data environments.

The Hammerspace solution is a software-defined automated data orchestration system with a complete set of data services to unify and manage data in a Global Data Environment across the edge, data centers and public cloud infrastructure. Hammerspace delivers the world’s first and only solution to connect global users with their data and applications on any vendor’s data center storage or public cloud services.

Data migration with Hammerspace is completely non-disruptive and transparent to applications and end-users. Moving data into the cloud with Hammerspace is distinctly different from disruptive legacy data migration solutions that often lead to additional silos and lost productivity.

Bottomless Hybrid Cloud File Storage With Wasabi

Wasabi provides fast, affordable, and highly reliable cloud data storage for businesses all over the world at one-fifth of the cost of large hyperscale providers or on-premises storage, with no charges for egress or API requests and no complex tiering.

Since 2017, Wasabi’s game-changing, leading-edge cloud technology allows users to affordably store a nearly infinite amount of data. If you have data to store, whether it’s backups, x-rays, surveillance videos, financial data, media and entertainment, or scientific data, Wasabi’s pledge is to always be the fastest, most secure and reliable cloud storage with low and predictable costs in the world.