Hammerspace Introduces an All-New Storage Architecture | Read the Press Release

NVIDIA and Hammerspace

Feed massive NVIDIA GPU farms, move data to GPU resources, and make existing storage NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage to accelerate data pipelines.

Make Existing Storage NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage

NVIDIA GPUDirect is a family of technologies that provides for more direct read/write access between NVIDIA data center GPUs and connected storage systems. NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage uses Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) to streamline the path between GPUs and storage.

Specific to Hammerspace, NVIDIA GPUDirect enables a direct path for data exchange between NVIDIA GPUs and Hammerspace to enable faster data access. And Hammerspace can make existing storage systems GPUDirect Storage, simply by making those storage systems part of a Hammerspace Global Data Environment.

There are three options to make storage GPUDirect Storage, including:

    • Any RDMA-capable NAS storage
    • Any block storage (typically NVMe flash) attached to a Hammerspace
    • Data Services (DSX) node
    • Any non-RDMA NAS storage fronted by a DSX node

Make Any Storage NVIDIA GPUDirect Storage

Deploy Hammerspace on top of any existing storage to effectively make that storage GPUDirect Storage

Improve Throughput and Reduce Latencies

Use RDMA technology to streamline the data path between GPUs and storage

Maximize GPU Resource Utilization at Any Scale

Feed up to tens of thousands of GPUs with Hyperscale NAS architecture

Move Data to Available GPU Resources

Seamlessly and transparently move directories and files to different data center locations, and even different clouds