A Data Centric Approach
To The Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Hammerspace separates the control plane (metadata) from the data plane (data) so that data can be managed independently from the infrastructure. By managing metadata separately from data, it becomes possible to make file data virtually appear anywhere without copying it. Meanwhile, the application layer can access data directly from storage, so there is no impact on performance.

Data virtualization is key to overcoming the challenges of storage silos, allowing data to be accessed anywhere on the hybrid multi-cloud, using any storage.

Multi-Cloud Data Sharing

Stop managing infrastructure to get access to your file data. Data is securely available anywhere through a universal global namespace, regardless of the infrastructure on-prem, across sites, or on the cloud.

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Cloud On-Demand

Instantly burst-to-cloud to access elastic compute and cloud services. Access data-in-place with a universal global namespace and live data mobility, on-demand or by policy.

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Data Protection

Simplify the journey to cloud with Active-Disaster Recovery for files, volumes, or applications. Protect production data with automated failover and failback for instant recovery to any cloud or storage infrastructure.

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Kubernetes Data Management

Uncomplicate persistent data management for multi-cluster Kubernetes. Data orchestration is declarative and storage agnostic with native integration of data services and protection, simplifying DevTest workflows and app mobility.

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