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Storageless Data
Simplifies Hybrid Cloud

True hybrid cloud storage needs to remove the complexity of stitching together a multi-site or multi cloud environment by freeing data from the underlying infrastructure, becoming essentially storageless. Hammerspace does this by managing metadata through a global file system, optimizing for cost and performance while automating data management on any infrastructure.

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Enhance Remote Collaboration with Global File Shares

Stop managing infrastructure to get access to your file data. Data is securely available anywhere through a universal global namespace, regardless of the infrastructure on-prem, across sites, or on the cloud.

  • Users can access data from anywhere
  • Global data protection and security
  • Consolidate Infrastructure
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Centralize Data by Caching-to-cloud

Instantly centralize data while providing local performance by caching-to-cloud using live-data mobility and total data management automation.

  • Access data from any cloud without a data migration
  • Policy objectives automate data pipelines across clouds
  • File-granular data management moves only the data you need to enable local performance
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Multi-Site Disaster Recovery

Simplify the journey to cloud with Active-active Disaster Recovery across sites for files, volumes, or applications. Protect production data with automated failover and failback for instant recovery to any cloud or storage infrastructure.

  • Simplify DR workflows for files, apps, and sites
  • Reduce the risk of successful failover through continuous file-level optimization
  • Gain cost efficiencies by managing data protection through the metadata
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Orchestrate Data Between Clusters, On-premises and Cloud with Kubernetes

Simplify persistent data management for multi-cluster Kubernetes. Data orchestration is declarative and storage agnostic with native data protection services, accelerating data portability.

  • Copy-free DevTest workflows across multiple clusters
  • Natively orchestrate disaster recovery and snapshots
  • Use any storage to present block and file persistent volumes
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