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Hammerspace Software

Unify and Automate Unstructured Data Orchestration Across Any Data Center, Any Cloud, Anywhere.

Hammerspace is a powerful scale-out software solution designed to automate unstructured data orchestration and global file access across storage from any vendor at the edge, in data centers, and the cloud.

What is Hammerspace?
Unify File Access Across Storage Silos
Stop Data Copy Sprawl
Overcome Point Solution Gridlock
Move Data Without User/App Interruption
Bridge your Data Across Storage Silos

Software to Unify Data Silos

Hammerspace overcomes the limitations of fragmented on-prem & cloud data environments.

Metadata-Driven Data Orchestration

Hammerspace solves key problems IT organizations face when managing global data access, plus data orchestration and data services across multi-vendor silos, including the edge, on-prem storage from any vendor & one or more cloud providers.  

Simplify Control, Increase Utilization

Hammerspace is a vendor-neutral software solution that makes data a global resource, so IT staff can automate data orchestration by policy, but without interrupting user access. It enables organizations to extend the life of existing storage resources to reduce costs, while also enabling the flexibility of hybrid-cloud and multi-site use cases seamlessly.

Scale-Out Architecture Expands and Contracts as You Need it

Hammerspace is installed in minutes with a single software package on any combination of bare-metal servers, type-two hypervisors, and/or cloud instances, for maximum flexibility. Its scale-out architecture can start very small at a single site, but dynamically expand to support very high-performance use cases at one location, or also grow to span the globe seamlessly across multiple on-prem and/or cloud-based data centers.

Universal Data Access Layer

Hammerspace enables users and applications always-on unified file access across any storage, from any vendor, anywhere.

Multiprotocol Access to Global Data

Hammerspace provides multi-protocol shared access for users and applications via standard SMB/CIFS, NFS, and pNFS protocols, in addition to Kubernetes Persistent Volumes. No client software or agents needed. No stubs or symbolic links required. Users just see their files and folders as they are used to on their desktop, except now the data may be on any storage type globally.

Users and Applications Anywhere

Any data on any on-prem or cloud storage is globally accessible via high-performance read/write file access. Global users see only the files they have permissions for, across any location and storage.

High-performance When Needed

Hammerspace can scale up and out dynamically to support high-performance file access with any combination of existing or new storage platforms, from any vendor without the need for proprietary clients. Get more out of your existing resources by seamlessly extending your capacity to include new storage types, locations, or cloud providers, without user interruption.

Parallel Global File System

Vendor-neutral global file system means all users everywhere see the same files. Not file copies, but the same files.

Hammerspace Eliminates Data Copy Sprawl 

Hammerspace assimilates existing file system metadata from data in place to provide global file system access and cross-platform control of any data on any storage, from any vendor. 

Data can remain on existing storage or be moved by policy to any other on-prem or cloud storage without interrupting user access, even on live files. Users still only see the files they have permissions for. File system access now bridges any local, remote or cloud storage resource to create a consistent global file system view for users and applications.

Automated Custom Metadata for Greater Control

Hammerspace enables automated custom metadata tagging to make it easy to better describe, classify, and manage non-disruptive orchestration of file data based on your organization’s business needs. 

Supports automated custom metadata inheritance, so there is no need for users to remember to tag things to take advantage of this powerful capability.

Global Cross-Platform Data Services

Break vendor-lock and reduce operational complexity 
Automate Data Services Across Any On-Prem & Cloud Storage 

Hammerspace simplifies and automates a wide range of data services across any storage environment, including block, file, object, and cloud storage from any vendor. 

These include tasks such as automating global snapshots across incompatible storage types, managing policy-based and non-disruptive data tiering/data placement services between on-prem silos and cloud, plus many powerful data protection, replication, and data migration services. 

Additional data services such as file versioning, undelete, WORM, automated anti-virus, plus cloud/object file encryption and deduplication can all be automated globally.

Works Seamlessly Within Your Existing Environment

Hammerspace is designed to help you automate data services across your existing storage silos, and to ease on-prem tech refresh or expansion to remote sites or cloud  when needed, always on a file-granular level without interruption to users.

Automated Data Orchestration 

Data orchestration at any scale, without user interruption 

Align Global Policies to Business Objectives 

Hammerspace automates non-disruptive file-granular data orchestration to control the placement of file instances across any storage resource or location, transparently and without interrupting application or user access, even on live data.

Users Just See Their Files As they Expect

Users and applications see their data at the same file share locations on their desktop as before. But behind the scenes administrators can automate data migration, tiering or other file movement to different locations or storage types including block, file, object & cloud as needed without interruption.

Automation Without Complication

Plain-language objective-based policies can be created to meet a wide range of business needs. These leverage any combination of metadata, including file system and custom metadata types to intelligently automate data orchestration based upon business rules. 

These could be to automatically place data on the lowest cost tier, move data on a scheduled basis to pre-stage for workflows or to avoid egress charges, and many more use cases. And all without interruption to user access. 

Policy objectives may be built to align with business rules with an intuitive editor in the Hammerspace Management GUI, or run as scripts via the Hammerspace Toolkit.

Any Storage Type from Any Vendor 

Select the right storage for your use case, without adding silos 

Streamline Multi-Vendor Hybrid Data Environments 

Standardize global management of otherwise incompatible storage resources, including existing or new on-prem and cloud storage from any vendor. 

Simplify infrastructure management tasks for IT and reduce OPEX when dealing with multi-vendor environments. These may include non-disruptive migration from old storage to new, accelerating and automating hybrid cloud use cases, unifying siloed data environments across block, file and object storage systems, and much more.

Intelligent Control of All Data Environment Resources

Visualize IOPS, metadata OPS, throughput, capacity, availability and more across all storage types, in a single management interface. This  simplifies automation and control across silos on-prem, and to remote sites and/or cloud resources when needed. 

Connect external monitoring tools via the Hammerspace API to integrate seamlessly into existing administrative processes.

A logical view of functional areas with Hammerspace architecture. The software is fully integrated in a single installer, including everything needed to get up an running on commodity hardware, VMs, or in the cloud.

A 5-minute video to give you a quick overview of Hammerspace.

The Hammerspace Difference

Read/Write From Anywhere

Provide global access to users and applications to all of your data, from anywhere in the world, no matter where it is stored.

Unify Data Silos

Unify all of your data on any storage from any vendor in any on-prem and cloud location into a single, accessible global data environment.

Overcome Data Gravity

Automate non-disruptive data orchestration globally for unstructured data the edge, in data centers, and the cloud.

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