Hammerspace Introduces an All-New Storage Architecture | Read the Press Release

Hammerspace Global Data Platform

Unify data into a single parallel global file system, automate data placement local to compute resources, and provide high-performance access to unstructured data from any site, any cloud, any storage.

Data Silos are Holding Back Your Business

The next data cycle is here. AI, data analytics, and other digital transformation initiatives are forcing a long overdue reckoning to fundamentally change how data is used and preserved. 

Data driven organizations are being held back by a storage-centric infrastructure that leaves valuable unstructured data trapped in storage silos…

  • Getting data to global users is a challenge
  • Data copy sprawl impacts data governance and security
  • Rigid storage systems don’t provide the agility to use cloud resources seamlessly
  • Existing IT architecture can not feed GPU clusters for AI training, inference, and analytics

Hammerspace solves these problems with a fundamentally different, data-centric architecture.

Eliminate Data Silos and Deliver Extreme Parallel Performance to Compute, Applications, and Users Across Any Site, Any Cloud, Any Storage

Hammerspace software unifies unstructured data across sites, clouds, and any storage. It provides HPC-class performance for high speed data processing, and automates data placement non-disruptively with Data Orchestration.

This creates a Global Data Platform that eliminates data silos and makes data an instantly accessible resource for users, applications, and compute clusters, no matter where they are located.

A Truly Global, Standards-Based Parallel File System

Spans multiple sites and multiple clouds to present a single global namespace. Store data on both new and existing storage from all leading vendors.

HPC Performance with Enterprise NAS Simplicity

Hyperscale NAS Architecture combines the benefits of HPC file systems with standards-based NFS to accelerate AI data pipelines and GPU computing.

Unify Existing Unstructured Data Into a Single Data Set

Make existing data instantly accessible to users with Data-in-Place Assimilation. Files are visible to users in minutes.

Non-Disruptive Multi-Site Data Orchestration

Automate data placement and protection to give users, applications, and compute clusters fast access to global data.

Objectives-Based Data Policies and Programmable Metadata

Define plain-language policies that control data placement and protection, via GUI, API, or CLI.

Advanced Cross-Platform Data Services

Data storage and protection services for simplifying data security and governance, across sites, clouds and storage systems.

Unify Unstructured Data to Eliminate Data Silos

Source data from any existing file and object storage to gather data for AI training and other purposes.

Keep GPU and Compute Resources Fully Utilized

Feed thousands of GPUs concurrently, no matter where they are located, with extreme parallel performance.

Move Data Between Sites and Clouds Quickly and Non-Disruptively

Simplify multi-site file sharing, feed GPU and compute clouds, enable global collaboration, and automate storage tiering objectives.

Simplify Data Governance, Security, and Protection

Cross-platform data policies and protection services simplify data governance, security, and protection.