Setup Hybrid Cloud IT in Just 8-Minutes

Enterprises are interested in adopting hybrid cloud strategies to benefit from cloud infrastructure for better elasticity, agility, and overall operational efficiency. The biggest challenge to making hybrid cloud work well is solving the problem of data visibility and accessibility across sites, without compromising any of the benefits.  Unfortunately, the common perception of going hybrid cloud includes words such as complexity, mess, unmanageable, and difficult. Hammerspace wants to change all of that, and we have a video to prove it – Hybrid cloud-enabled in 8 minutes.

Seeing is believing, this video blog gives you an intro level view into Hammerspace and capabilities that are truly unique.  In as long as it takes to order and eat a taco, we demonstrate:

  • A single namespace across multiple vendors and backend protocols
  • Offloading individual files from a snapshot into S3
  • Identifying the type of data offloaded
  • Using a cloud-service for content identification
  • A Global, Active-Active namespace between on-premises and the cloud


The consistent principle behind Hammerspace is to stay focused on the data and be easy-to-use by keeping tasks simple. It is either driven by very easy to use GUI interaction or where it makes sense, CLI commands.  None of the steps require intimate or even cursory knowledge of the underlying storage systems – who would have thought that we can burst capacity or create snapshot backups into the cloud without that knowledge?

Enjoy the video, and I am looking forward to sharing my next Hammerspace How-To video with you soon.