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Effective Global Protection from Ransomware – From Data Center to Cloud to the Edge

Ransomware attacks continue to grow increasingly sophisticated and targeted, affecting companies of every size and from every industry. As ransomware can lay dormant or encrypt cold data for long periods undetected, security and IT leaders must look beyond just endpoint defense to help protect the organization. The solution lies in a global defense that spans hybrid cloud infrastructure hardened against the common weaknesses at the same layer that ransomware exploits…the file system.

Mitigate the Threat of Ransomware Across the Hybrid Cloud

Defending against ransomware is a top threat to enterprise data that requires a staged defense at the file system layer. Hammerspace minimizes the threat and impact of ransomware attacks with a highly effective approach, enabling organizations to detect, protect, and recover from attacks.


Identify anomalous and suspicious behavior, automatically activating additional layers of defense.


Protect data by leveraging snapshots and undelete with declarative controls to the entire global file system.


Instantly recover data by restoring the most recent, uncorrupted versions from anywhere across a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure. File versioning and declarative protection policies simplify and automate this process.

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