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The Hammerspace Global Data Environment

The Hammerspace Global Data Environment makes network shares visible and accessible anywhere in the world to your remote data centers and public clouds. ​

Hammerspace is the only truly global file system leveraging our metadata replication, file-granular data services, intelligent policy engine and transparent data orchestration so you access your data where you need it, when you need it. Instantly.​

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The Hammerspace Global Data Environment

Objective-Based Policy Engine

Hammerspace Policy-Driven Capabilities

Hammerspace provides intelligent policies to orchestrate and manage your data. ​

The Hammerspace objective-based policy engine empowers our file-granular data services and data orchestration capabilities.​

File-Granular Data Services​

Hammerspace file-granular data services enables companies to do business in ways that were previously impractical or even impossible due to price and performance challenges.​

You select which files are moved or replicated to specific locations through our objective-based policy engine or on-demand.​ 

Download our latest white paper: The Hammerspace Software-Defined Platform for Unstructured Data.

Data Tiering

Automate the tiering of data across different storage infrastructure on-premises or the cloud based on performance, cost, location, or any other metadata attributes. Data is moved without disruption and in real-time to meet business SLAs and avoid potential bottlenecks.

Live Data Mobility

Non-disruptively move data live, even while it is being read/written to, between storage systems, sites, and clouds. Move data between different vendors and types of storage to deliver an always-available experience.

Multi-site Data Replication

Protect data over geographical distance and into the cloud to create multiple copies of data for redundancy or reduce latency when data is accessed from multiple sites.

Compression & Deduplication

Data stored in cloud storage is automatically deduplicated and compressed for faster replication and lower bandwidth usage. Take advantage of global data reduction technology to keep capacity minimal across all sites, on-premises, and the cloud.

Data Vault

A safe-space to put data that needs to be immutable, Data Vault supports WORM, read-deny, and delete-deny for protection from any data changes. Data objects can still be moved, tiered, and migrated to maintain the most optimal underlying storage infrastructure.


Automatically scan files on-access and in the background; preventing access if a threat is detected. Integrated with industry-leading anti-virus software using the iCAP protocol.


Protect data globally from accidental deletes and increase the resilience of the data. Store undelete data automatically in the cloud to reduce capacity pressure on tier-1 storage.

Share-level Snapshots & Clones

Centrally manage global snapshots throughout their life cycle with granular controls. Offload snapshots to the cloud to reduce tier-1 storage needs and increase the resiliency of data. Supports daily snapshot per share for up to 7 years to meet long-term compliance needs without sacrificing granular recovery needs.

Multi-protocol Data Access

With support for concurrent data access across NFS and SMB protocols and full support for RFC 2307bis for Windows and UNIX id-mapping, Hammerspace can present data to any Windows, Linux, macOS, and UNIX operating environment.

Persistent Storage for Kubernetes

The Hammerspace CSI driver supports both file and block persistent volumes provisioned from any underlying storage infrastructure. Data services are natively presented to Kubernetes users enabling backup and recovery, data management, and disaster recovery workflows.

Data Orchestration

Hammerspace can move data live and non-disruptively within a data center, across multiple data centers, to the public cloud, between different regions within the public cloud, and across heterogeneous clouds. ​

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Move data anywhere, anytime.

Utilize Existing Storage Infrastructure​

Hammerspace can utilize the available capacity of your existing storage infrastructure, reducing cost and time-to-value. ​

You can get up and running with Hammerspace without having to acquire any new storage infrastructure.​


With Hammerspace, you pick the deployment method that best suits your needs.​

  • Bare metal installation is supported on enterprise hardware platforms. ​
  • Hammerspace supports VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, and Nutanix AHV. ​
  • Hammerspace is available on AWS, Azure, and GCP marketplaces. ​ ​
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Software-Defined Storage Utilizing Standard Infrastructure

Data-in-Place Assimilation​

Assimilate NAS Shares on Heterogeneous NAS Systems

Hammerspace uniquely provides data-in-place assimilation, which eliminates the need to perform data migrations to become operational. This means you can get up and running within minutes versus days, weeks and even months.​

Data Protection​

Hammerspace supports a number of mechanisms to protect data from disasters and attacks.​

The key difference and unique value for Hammerspace data protection comes from our file-granularity, objective-based policies and abstraction from the underlying infrastructure.​


  • File-level data recovery
  • Store on any storage including object storage and/or the cloud
  • User-accessible via .snapshot directory and Windows File Explorer Previous Versions
  • Can recover in-place or to a new location


  • File-granular​
  • Policy-driven​
  • On-demand​ data deduplication and compression (optional)​


  • File-granular​
  • Policy-driven that automatically saves deleted files​
  • Unique feature for accidental deletion, data corruption and ransomware protection​


  • File-granular​
  • Revert to previous versions to protect your work​
  • Granular recovery point objectives to recover from malicious attacks on your data​


Hammerspace supports NFS 4.2, NFS 3, and SMB 2 and 3, individually and in mixed mode. Additionally, we provide a CSI driver supporting both block and file-based persistent volumes in Kubernetes environments.

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Live Data Orchestration Across Systems, Sites, Regions and Clouds

Kubernetes Persistent Storage for the Enterprise

The Hammerspace Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver supports block, file, and shared storage. By offering three different ways of provisioning storage, virtually any use case or application is covered. ​ ​

K8s Enterprise-Class Persistent Storage

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