Hammerspace allows data to move freely, like the air you breathe, across clouds and services. Make data accessible exactly where you need it, when you need it – on demand.

What is Data-as-a-Service?

Data silos restrict the ability for data operations and application teams to create value from data.  These teams want to self-service their data consumption across the hybrid cloud – multi-site data centers, public or private clouds, and mixed storage types and vendors.

Deliver Data-as-a-Service through a software-defined Hybrid Cloud Data Control Plane, virtualizing data through an abstraction layer to give users control without disrupting IT or sacrificing performance and protection.

The Platform

Data Beyond Storage – Hammerspace is a software-as-a-service data platform designed for unstructured file data, providing a suite of features and technologies that enable you to efficiently, reliably and intelligently get your work done. Across clouds and data centers, we provide the universal workspace for your files and objects – the Hammerspace.

Active-active geo-spanning namespace
Only the metadata is replicated across all sites, so file granular data becomes instantly available for compute and analytics at any location.


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Metadata-as-a-Service Hybrid Cloud Data Management Data Virtualization Extendable Tags & Keywords Data Services Live Data Mobility Data Catalogs Index & Search Machine Learning Standard Storage Protocols Compliance & Security Automation Global Namespace


Extends metadata with user-defined, programmable tags and keywords that stay consistent across any storage or data service.

Hybrid Cloud Data Management

Manage data, not storage. Users easily define the performance, cost, protection, compliance, or security requirements so that policy-driven machine learning orchestrates the continuous optimization of data across the hybrid cloud.  Enterprise data services enhance this experience with features like:

  • Global Snapshots
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Transparent Recovery
  • Data Replication
  • Archive
  • Reporting and Analytics

Data Virtualization

By managing metadata separately from data, it becomes possible to make unstructured data appear virtually anywhere without copying it.

Extendable Tags & Keywords

User-defined metadata allows for rapid prototyping of metadata (keywords and tags) as well as pre-declared entries (labels and attributes).

Data Services

Protect data across the hybrid cloud with enterprise data services like global snapshots, transparent recovery, disaster recovery, data replication, and data archives.

Live Data Mobility

Non-disruptively present data to the most efficient service available to balance cost and data performance in real-time.

Data Catalogs

Orchestrate data catalogs with metadata management to introduce agile information governance and cope with data sprawl.

Index & Search

Finding data and evaluating its quality is critical to successful data operations.  Global visibility and metadata management make this a fast and dependable operation.

Machine Learning

Predict and continuously optimize the cost of your data across the hybrid cloud, measuring application file performance telemetry, storage costs and bandwidth impact when instantiating data in a different location.

Standard Storage Protocols

Make your data available to any application or data service with native support for NFS, SMB, and S3.  Use existing storage infrastructure investments and don’t refactor applications to make them cloud ready.

Compliance & Security

Manage compliance to all frameworks using extensible metadata and policy-driven automation. All data is encrypted in-flight and at rest.


Automation engine carries out the directives dictated by machine learning to efficiently align data to the objectives across the hybrid cloud.

Global Namespace

Virtualize data to present a unified view of data to application workloads across heterogeneous storage resources in the Hybrid Cloud.

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