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Your Workforce &

Applications are Global,
Your Data Needs to be Global.

Read/Write From Anywhere

Leverage all of your data, from anywhere in the world, no matter where it is stored.

Unify Data Silos

Unify all of your data from edge, across datacenters, and the cloud into a single, accessible data set.

Overcome Data Gravity

Move your data with ease to the compute resources or applications that help you innovate.

Universal Data Access Layer

Read and write to your file data from any client, any application, any location.

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Global Data

Automated Data Orchestration

Simplify data management with intelligent, policy driven, file-granular data management.

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Data Services

Meet compliance, data protection, disaster recovery, and ransomware protection requirements.

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Data Tiering

Automate the tiering of data across different storage infrastructure on-premises or the cloud.


Multi-site Data Replication

Serve and protect data across sites and clouds at file-level granularity.

Compression & Deduplication

Globally compress and deduplicate data to reduce capacity and optimize bandwidth.


Protect data with immutability including read-deny and delete-deny. Automate the tiering of data across different storage infrastructure on-premises or the cloud.


Integrated with anti-virus software using the iCAP protocol to scan files on-access.


Protect data globally from accidental deletes and other threats.


A file is versioned when it is opened 
and written to, then made subsequently available as a read-only file for simple recovery.

Share-level Snapshots & Clones

Centrally manage global snapshots throughout their life cycle with granular controls. Offload snapshots to the cloud.

Expansive Storage Options

Unify data residing in legacy DAS, NAS, SAN, object storage, and cloud storage into a global data environment.

Leverage a single global file system across any storage infrastructure, in any cloud simply by replicating only the metadata across all sites. By managing data through the metadata users gain universal visibility and insights from enterprise file data across the entire infrastructure while eliminating data silos. This further allows for capacity, performance, and scale optimizations only possible with granular controls and total automation. Eliminate disruptive data migrations with live mobility

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How It Works

The Hammerspace solution provides a truly global file system which integrates advances in machine learning and NAS protocols to free data from the constraints of legacy storage solutions.

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Metadata Replication

By managing metadata separately from data, it becomes possible to make file data appear virtually anywhere without copying it. Across sites, data is replicated asynchronously with multi-site collision detection so that data is never lost.

Machine Learning Policy-Engine

A machine learning engine runs a continuous simulation between data and available infrastructure resources. The model provides a rich understanding of the global data environment by continuously collecting performance telemetry from workloads for each file accessed. Data management decisions are made in real time at file-level granularity, balancing performance and cost across the hybrid cloud.

Live Data Mobility

Data is non-disruptively mobilized to deliver agility and high-performance access to data across the hybrid cloud using scale-out data services. Live data mobility between storage systems and cloud services is achieved using advanced data layout techniques to seamlessly move data through the file system, even during active read/write.


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