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Media & Entertainment


The persistent growth in demand for creative production of entertainment, education, and advertising rich media consistently pushes organizations to innovate. The workforce is increasingly working remotely and often are not local to their peers at headquarters nor the data center environments. Yet, creative teams must use their preferred tools on workstations, in data centers, and in the cloud to be productive.

Hammerspace provides television and film creatives, content publishers, special effects artists, and corporate video producers the ability to securely work efficiently and effectively in a decentralized world.

Decentralized production stretches both resources and budget in multiple areas:

01. Remote Workforce

Hammerspace enables organizations to leverage remote talent with tools to orchestrate content to remote locations and provide low latency, local read/write access to global data.

02. Metadata Driven Workflows

Actionable Metadata-based policies enable complete control and lifecycle management of your content.  Define and enforce policies to meet access, cost, performance, locality, security, and protection objectives.

03. Cost Control

Make all data accessible and available from any location with a global file system, while simultaneously ensuring it is stored and protected on the most cost-effective storage tier.  

04. Hybrid Cloud Storage and Burst Render Flexibility

Enable simple and automated hybrid cloud flexibility. Access the most available or most cost-effective compute resources and storage capacity across any cloud, any region, instantly.  Meet unforeseen peak demands, access new technologies, or simply ‘chase the spot’  

Hammerspace Solution

Hammerspace is a software solution that provides a global data environment across the Hybrid Cloud to give users, applications, and cloud services local access to data, no matter where it is stored.
Hammerspace solves the problems associated with software builds, visual effects, and render pipelines that may be distributed across not only multiple storage silos in a single datacenter, but also across multiple data centers and different Cloud regions. All users in all locations globally access the same files with low latency, local access to shared data resources.
Because the Hammerspace Global Data Environment is a hybrid cloud solution that spans both datacenter and Cloud storage resources in a single global filesystem, media production workflows can burst into Cloud compute and storage resources on demand. This enables them both the flexibility and the efficiency of being able to rapidly provision additional resources to parallelize and accelerate workflows.


High-performance data from content creation


Share single data set with creative teams to accelerate production


Parallelize work for faster iteration


Leverage local or cloud compute farm with compute power and economics optimal for the job

Hammerspace Solutions For

Visual Effects and Animation
Corporate Video Production

Visual Effects and Animation

New demand for animation and visual effects content is constantly growing. Hammerspace enables studios to tap into creative talent anywhere in the world and gives them access to both the global content and the tools they need to work fast and efficiently wherever they are located. Take advantage of best of breed capabilities in the data center or in the cloud for burst rendering, workflow management, storage, and content library distribution.


High-resolution content workflows require high-performance storage and data orchestration to allow creative teams to work together. Through the collaborative workflow, it is essential to contain proliferation of multiple copies of content to both contain costs and allow teams to be productive. Hammerspace delivers the local performance needed for high-resolutions multi-stream workflows and the automated data orchestration needed to store, protect, and access projects cost-effectively.

Corporate Video Production & Advertising

    Video production is central to most Enterprises in their employee training, advertising, and customer engagement. Traditional IT solutions don’t meet the demand of high-resolution workflows. Hammerspace provides Enterprises the ability to leverage preferred data center or cloud technologies while optimizing for rich media workflows.

    Hammerspace Wins Second Consecutive IABM BaM Award

    It is the second consecutive year that we have been recognized by the IABM BaM awards for delivering a software solution which accelerates production pipelines by bridging incompatible storage silos, providing extreme high-performance global file access and automated data orchestration across on-premises and/or cloud resources from any vendor.