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Mathematic Studio’s Implementation of Hammerspace Awarded Best of Show at IBC2023 by TVTech

Hammerspace enables Mathematic’s creative team to collaborate effectively and efficiently, and leverage their workstation design tools no matter where artists are located

SAN MATEO, Calif. – October 4, 2023 – Hammerspace, the company orchestrating the Next Data Cycle, today announced it won this year’s Best of Show awards at IBC2023 in the TVBEurope category as a result of the company’s work with Mathematic Studio

Based in Paris, Mathematic is a creative VFX, animation and motion design studio with more than 250 artists worldwide. The studio uses Hammerspace’s Data Orchestration System to enable global collaboration between its creative artists across offices in Paris, Montréal, Los Angeles and Montpellier. 

Hammerspace’s Data Orchestration System enables Mathematic to utilize its existing storage resources and infrastructure and tie all of the studio’s sites together into a seamless collaborative environment across multiple silos, sites and clouds. 

Prior to Hammerspace, Mathematic was copying files using its dedicated point-to-point (P2P) fiber or physically shipping file copies on hard drives back and forth between its offices to enable its remote team members to work on projects the volume of data for such projects was so great that it was impractical to send the files electronically between sites. This approach quickly became unsustainable, given increasing deadline pressures and the increasing volume of projects.

Hammerspace’s native integration with tools such as Autodesk ShotGrid and Flame enables artists to continue using tools they are used to, providing users anywhere the ability to collaborate live, regardless of storage type or infrastructure, as though they are all local. 

Further, because Hammerspace enables customers to use existing storage from any vendor, Mathematic could rapidly put the data orchestration system into operation with minimal disruption to existing projects. 

“We tried other solutions, but they were all too disruptive and involved data copies and delays,” said Clement Germain, Lead Flame Artist and VFX Supervisor at Mathematic. “With Hammerspace, we could simply plug in all our storage arrays and have all the data immediately available to all our users across all office locations, including those in Canada and the United States. Being able to seamlessly bridge all of our locations into a multi-site global namespace allows our artists to collaborate on the same files in a live file system, and we no longer have to wrangle file copies between locations.”  

The Best of Show awards recognized the best broadcast products and solutions on display at IBC2023, with hundreds of nominations considered. Industry experts, speakers and editors reviewed all entries. The judging criteria included how diverse and comprehensive the product’s features are, how easy it is to use and integrate with other products, its value for money and how innovative and unique it is within the market.

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About Hammerspace 

Hammerspace is the data orchestration system that unlocks innovation and opportunity within unstructured data. It orchestrates the data to build new products, uncover new insights, and accelerate time to revenue across industries like AI, scientific discovery, machine learning, extended reality, autonomy, corporate video and more. Hammerspace delivers the world’s first and only solution to connect global users with their data and applications on any vendor’s data center storage or public cloud services, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Seagate Lyve Cloud.

About Mathematic Studio

Launched in 2006 by Guillaume Marien, Mathematic is a post-production group specialized in VFX, 3D animation and motion design for the advertising, television, series, feature films, video games, print and digital sectors. The group builds immersive synergies between art direction, design, VFX and CG/CGI animation to produce new forms of visual creativity that meet its customers’ needs. The complementary artistic and technical skills developed by Mathematic have enabled it to acquire a strong reputation in its market with both French and international customers. Mathematic currently has over 200 full-time employees and collaborates with renowned creative partners. For more information, visit http://www.mathematic.tv

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