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Hammerspace Newsletter March 2023

Welcome to the March 2023 edition of the Hammerspace Newsletter!

We focus this month on how organizations can overcome the complexity and costs of siloed on-prem and cloud infrastructures via unstructured data orchestration. As a powerful, data-centric solution, Hammerspace software enables enterprises from more than a dozen industries to unify global file access and automate unstructured data orchestration across storage from any vendor at the edge, in data centers, and the cloud.

Hammerspace software overcomes the limitations of fragmented on-prem and cloud data environments:
  • Metadata-Driven Data Orchestration – Hammerspace solves key problems IT organizations face when managing global data access, plus data orchestration and data services across multi-vendor silos, including the edge, on-prem storage from any vendor & one or more cloud providers.  
  • Simplify Control, Increase Utilization – Hammerspace is a vendor-neutral software solution that makes data a global resource, so IT staff can automate data orchestration by policy, but without interrupting user access. It enables organizations to extend the life of existing storage resources to reduce costs, while also enabling the flexibility of hybrid-cloud and multi-site use cases seamlessly.
  • Scale-Out Architecture Expands and Contracts as You Need It – Hammerspace is installed in minutes with a single software package on any combination of bare-metal servers, type-two hypervisors, and/or cloud instances, for maximum flexibility. Its scale-out architecture can start very small at a single site, but dynamically expand to support very high-performance use cases at one location, or also grow to span the globe seamlessly across multiple on-prem and/or cloud-based data centers.

Randy Kerns of The Evaluator Group attended a recent press event with Hammerspace, noting: 

“During the Hammerspace presentation…Presley said their category is Data Orchestration, which changes the discussion with customers, moving it away from devices to the data and how it is accessed. ‘Data centers are no longer at the center of data’ was the statement Presley used to illustrate that a change in thinking is required. 

“This is attacking the infrastructure as the defining element for Information Technology convention, which creates data silos and must instead move to considering how and where data is accessed.”

Read more about our approach to data orchestration for unstructured data and the problems that Hammerspace solves with our latest white paper, “Simplifying Data Automation,” and this five-minute video

In this Issue:

  • Customer Corner: Welcome Mathematic Studio!
  • Blog Post: Parallel File System Performance with Standard Linux Clients
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Data Unchained Podcast: Deconstructing Traditional Production With Adam Savage
  • Hammerspace Announcements 
  • In the News
  • New Resources 
  • Upcoming Events 
  • Where Can You Find Hammerspace? 

Mathematic Studio Selects Hammerspace for Live Collaboration and Automated Data Orchestration Across Studios

We’re thrilled to welcome Mathematic Studio to our customer roster! 

Mathematic has deployed Hammerspace to enable global collaboration between its creative artists across multiple studios. Based in Paris, Mathematic is a creative VFX, animation, and motion design studio with more than 250 artists worldwide. 

With Hammerspace, Mathematic is able to make all data and applications available to its team of artists from any location with a global namespace. The studio’s team can access and use their preferred applications and tools seamlessly wherever they are based, allowing Mathematic to better leverage local talent in French, Canadian and U.S. markets and remain laser-focused on its mission of VFX production versus VFX execution.

Parallel File System Performance with Standard Linux Clients

Trond Myklebust, Linux NFS Kernel Maintainer and CTO of Hammerspace, discusses the role of the Linux NFS client in making high-performance access to decentralized data a reality for even the most conservative and secure enterprise architectures. In this blog post, Myklebust discusses the original vision, as well as the evolution of pNFS making today’s use of pNFS a reality. 

Want to learn more? Listen to the Data Unchained podcast episode with Trond here.

Grab a snack, settle in, and enjoy our latest on-demand, educational webinars with hosts Floyd Christofferson and Brian Bashaw. Each session is approximately 50 minutes. 

Unify Data Silos & Automated, Non-Disruptive Data Migration – This webinar covers how to use Hammerspace to unify data across different vendor storage silos that may reside in the data center or in the cloud. Find out how to put data in motion to make data available when, and where needed, without user downtime or application reconfiguration.

Automating Data Management Across Storage Silos – In this session, viewers will learn how to demystify data management and data movement automation across siloed multi-vendor storage environments across different data center storage and diverse cloud services and regions. Find out how multiple metadata types can now be used to activate plain-language business rules to simplify the automation of data management and protection services across any vendor’s storage from edge, to data center, to cloud.

Deconstructing Traditional Production With Adam Savage

The Data Unchained podcast talked with special guest Adam Savage, who talks about what data storage and exchange looks like in today’s media environments. Host Molly Presley also dives into how Adam’s life has changed from Hollywood producer to YouTube star. 

Listen to the episode here!

Subscribe to the Data Unchained podcast here, and listen on your favorite podcast platform, including: 

Breaking News!

We announced major milestones in new customer adoption, expansion in existing customers, and new routes to market, including 300 percent year-over-year growth. In fact, Q4 FY22 was the best quarter in company history with customers rapidly deploying Hammerspace into new workflows and incorporating additional data from existing workloads.

Hammerspace also  announced the opening of its U.S. Federal Division, appointing Robert Renzoni as the Director of Technical Sales to lead the Federal Sales Team. The new initiatives come as civilian agencies and the Department of Defense are increasingly focused on data strategies to meet data mandates, reduce infrastructure costs, drive efficiencies, and increase innovation. Listen to the Data Unchained podcast with Renzoni and former CTO of the CIA, Bob Flores, as they unpack just what data protection and global movement of data has looked like in the Federal space, its evolution, and what the next steps could be. 

In awards-related news, CRN recognized Hammerspace as a Cloud 100 Company for 2023, and included us in their listing of the “20 Coolest Cloud Storage Companies.”

Hammerspace’s momentum continues with some great editorial coverage in many of the leading storage and technology publications:

Read the first in a series of technical blog posts, which introduces the various concepts and aspects of Hammerspace Objectives. Also covered is basic structure and syntax. The intent of this initial blog post is to familiarize those who may be new to Hammerspace Objectives and deepen the knowledge and awareness to readers who may already be working with Objectives. Future blogs will present cookbook recipes designed to address specific use cases and business challenges.

Additional technical resources include Adding Wasabi Storage to Hammerspace and Leveraging Storj Distributed Cloud with Hammerspace Global File System, which illustrate how to move existing data from on-premises storage to Wasabi Cloud and Storj Cloud.

There is a new data sheet for High Performance Computing, as well as a new white paper, “Simplifying Data Automation.”

Hammerspace invites you to visit our booth #3043 at NAB Show 2023 – April 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Get your Exhibit Pass by using our FREE code when registering, and then schedule a meeting with us during the show by clicking here

The Bio-IT World Conference & Expo is the world’s premier event showcasing the technologies and analytic approaches that solve problems, accelerate science, and drive the future of precision medicine. Visit Hammerspace in booth #923 March 16-18 in Boston!

The GEOINT Symposium is the largest annual gathering of geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) professionals in the nation. Join us in booth #202 May 21-24 in St. Louis – and schedule a 30-minute meeting today!

SIGGRAPH 2023 is the premier conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques worldwide. Mark your calendars for August 6-10 at the Los Angeles Convention center!

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