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Episode 24: Making the Potential of pNFS a Reality! w/Trond Myklebust

We are excited to welcome Linux NFS Kernel Maintainer and CTO of Hammerspace, Trond Myklebust, to join us on this episode of the podcast! Trond and Molly discuss the Linux community and Trond’s journey from aspiring Particle Physics Ph. D. to Linux Maintainer and innovative industry technology visionary. 

Trond has dedicated a career to building open source software and driving innovation in data technologies.  In this episode we discuss the evolution of high-performance file systems.  Historically, parallel file systems have required additional client software to be loaded on each client machine that needs to work with high-performance data sets. Added software can be difficult to get approved by security team standards, slow to be added to workstation images, and is typically charged per client software instance. These challenges have made it difficult to give access to all users and applications that could derive value from the data sets housed in the parallel file system.

All of this began to change with the vision of the Linux community developing an embedded parallel file system as part of the NFS protocol. With the creation of pNFS (parallel NFS), compute-standard Linux clients now can read and write directly to the storage, and scale performance linearly and near infinitely. Expensive and proprietary software is no longer needed to create a parallel file system. pNFS is built into open standards.

All these topics and more as we dive deeper into the data driven world on this podcast episode of Data Unchained!

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