Less is More

Data can be storageless and borderless, but nonetheless it should be effortless



It is common knowledge that data has become the lifeblood of business. We only need to look at recent successful ransomware attacks that crippled critical infrastructure to understand the importance of data. But then why is it that data is still stuck in storage silos? What happens when we want to derive value from that data? How do we bring our valuable data to applications that can provide the analysis and visualization we need to conduct business? But, first, let us take a look at a company that understands better than anyone how to derive value from data and deliver it to business leaders, data scientists, and IT professionals. I am, of course, talking about Snowflake.

Snowflake Borderless Data Cloud

Snowflake recently announced support for unstructured data, such as images, video, and text files. It is yet another amazing innovation on their part. Snowflake has already broken down structured data silos borders, on premises and in the cloud. Organizations that were previously forced to make decisions with limited insights from siloed data can now profit from this enormous innovation. Data that does not suffer from the limitations of underlying infrastructure or artificially imposed boundaries is borderless.


Snowflake’s innovative Data Cloud architecture is data-centric, consumption-driven, and borderless. Therefore, customers use Snowflake Data Cloud as a single source of truth for ALL their data. But what about the massive amounts of unstructured files that are stuck in different vendor silos and clouds? How can we derive value from that kind of confusing data sprawl? What if there were a technology that mirrors the borderless paradigm in the unstructured file world? That is exactly what Hammerspace does!

Hammerspace Storageless Data

Traditional data storage solutions are limited in scale, performance, and cost by underlying infrastructure. The Hammerspace data platform is data-centric, consumption-driven, and borderless. By consolidating disparate storage systems into a single logical unit of management, Hammerspace manages data directly through its smallest constituent parts, namely its metadata. This lightweight approach removes data gravity and provide rich metadata customization and programmability.



We call this approach Storageless Data. This is an innovative approach to data management that mirrors serverless compute. Storageless Data consolidates data from disparate unstructured storage systems, NAS vendors, and file systems into single, addressable Global File System. This powerful consolidation makes it possible for Hammerspace to stage unstructured files, directories, or entire shares, into the Snowflake Data Cloud from ANY underlying data source. Imagine multiple data centers, clouds, and data lakes from any location delivered to Snowflake for processing and analysis.


By decoupling data from its underlying infrastructure, Hammerspace consolidates disparate silos into a single unit of management. This can then be accessed and shared under a global file system. This makes it vastly simpler and more efficient to stage data into the Snowflake Data Cloud. Declarative policies, called Hammerspace Objectives, makes it straightforward and super simple to stage data on a file-granular basis (files, directories, MIME types, or any metadata criteria). Getting data into Snowflake with Hammerspace is as simple as applying a declarative policy with a single checkbox.

Once data is uploaded to the Snowflake Data Cloud, it is incredibly straightforward and simple to query unstructured data. Hammerspace and Snowflake, together, delivers a powerful and programmatic way to analyze and derive value from ALL unstructured data.


Hammerspace removes data gravity to pave the way for a fast, simple, and yet powerful way to get data into the Snowflake Data Cloud. Unstructured data can now be queried with SQL statements and processed to provide valuable information and insights to business leaders, data scientists, and IT professionals without delay.

Hammerspace + Snowflake Demo


Johan Ballin, Director of Technical Marketing