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Vcinity is the only company that enables real-time access to data at scale.

We allow applications and users to instantly access data, no matter where it lives, enabling organizations to accelerate time to intelligent insights and to optimize business outcomes.

In a digitally transformed world, exponentially increasing amounts of data are being created in increasingly dispersed locations.

Organizations and agencies are grappling with making the right data available to the right people at the right time to mitigate costs and productivity loss while making informed decisions. Through our patented technology, we solve the challenges of utilizing large, dispersed data sets to enable mission-critical, distributed data applications around the world. We do for data what cloud computing did for computing and applications: we turn data into a utility—available everywhere and on-demand. We embrace the unconventional through our technology leadership and cutting-edge solutions, empowering organizations to improve productivity, speed time to revenue, penetrate new markets, and lower operational costs.

Fueling AI/ML With Instant Access to Data Everywhere