Hammerspace eliminates infrastructure from data,
achieving the promise of Kubernetes

Overcome the siloed nature of the hybrid cloud using technology that makes complicated enterprise storage obsolete. Hammerspace is a global file system, stretching across any storage or service to orchestrate data at scale. This makes app data portable, protected, and high performance – what Kubernetes does for containers, Hammerspace does for data.

A very clever solution to a very long-standing and major problem.”

– Dave McCrory

“Hammerspace uses technologies like artificial intelligence, and metadata intensive indexing in a software based solution to drive a new level of data agility in hybrid cloud environments….

– Eric Burgener, VP Infrastructure Systems, IDC

“Hammerspace improved our ability to recover data 150X faster and reduce the cost of DR data by 93%.” 

– Donato J. Cuttone, CE

The Hammerspace Advantage

See how a global filesystem spanning storage infrastructure across the hybrid cloud changes how you think about storage.

What Could You do if You Didn’t Have to Think
About the Infrastructure?

  • Global file share service​
  • Core, cloud, and edge workflows​
  • Storage infrastructure  consolidation
  • Automate burst-to-cloud for elastic compute​
  • Instant cloud migration​
  • Improve overall storage TCO​
  • Instant, live failover to cloud​
  • Broad Ransomware protection​
  • Storage target for backup data
  • DevTest to production workflows​
  • App and database mobility​
  • Data protection and disaster recovery​

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