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Data Beyond Boundaries

Unify and Automate Unstructured Data Across Any Storage,
Any Data Center, Any Cloud, Anywhere. 

Hammerspace announces $56.7 MM in funding to unlock the next data cycle that powers artificial intelligence, data analytics, and remote workforce collaboration. 

Hammerspace Unlocks The Next Data Cycle

Real-Time Collaboration

Provide global access to users and applications to all of your data, anywhere in the world, from your existing or new storage without the need to migrate data. 

A Single Namespace for All Data

Unify all of your data on any storage from any vendor in any on-prem and cloud location into a single, accessible global data environment.

Overcome Data Gravity

Automate non-disruptive data orchestration globally for unstructured data in the edge, in data centers, and in the cloud.

Hammerspace technology enables the next round of business growth for Jellyfish Pictures

Jellyfish Pictures is one of the most respected visual effects (VFX) and animation studios in the world, employing more than 300 artists working around the globe.

For Jellyfish to rapidly grow the business, they needed to adapt their technology architecture to allow them to recruit, and rapidly make productive, new artists from anywhere around the world to meet spiking demand.  Read More >

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Eliminate the Constraints
of Data Silos

Data is at the foundation of how our society connects. Healthcare research, space exploration, autonomous vehicle development, and interactive online gaming are only possible when innovators have access to massive quantities of data. Hammerspace enables read/write data access to any user and any application, in any data center or any cloud, anywhere. Break your data free from the constraints of storage systems with a Global Data Environment.

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