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Hammerspace Release Notes – Version 4.6.6

New Features and Enhancements

Improved Observability of Data Mobility

The Mobility Chord and List View in the GUI has several graphical improvements adding to the user experience. In addition to providing file granular information of successful and unsuccessful data mobilities, there is now information available about in-progress data mobilities, along with data transfer rates and completion estimate. This significantly enhances the observability of data orchestration and live mobility.

Ability to rename Shares

Version 4.6.6 now supports the renaming of SMB shares.

Ability to Control Visibility of SMB Shares

Storage administrators can now fully control SMB share visibility. This is a significant enhancement allowing whether or not end-users are able to browse shares. The SMB browsable option is an alternative to creating hidden shares.

Improved Share Snapshot Creation Workflow

The workflow for creating Share snapshots has been revamped in version 4.6.6. Now
users can not only view, edit and delete snapshot schedules for Shares in the GUI, but
can also create their own snapshot schedules or use pre-existing built-in schedules
available in the GUI. This allows more visibility and better control over creating Share

Better Control over Inherited Objectives

Hammerspace Service Level Objectives (SLO) allows users to declaratively control data on a file-granular level. SLO’s provides the ability to customize metadata (tagging, labels, and descriptors) as well as creating powerful outcomes. This applies to the smallest files to directories and shares as well as MIME types. Version 4.6.6 adds the ability to control Service Level Objective parent-child inheritance from the GUI as well as the CLI.

Multi-Protocol Permissions

Hammerspace version 4.6.6 provides a better user experience when modifying
permissions of files or directories over NFS and SMB. Now, users don’t have to worry
about ACLs getting re-ordered when permissions are modified over SMB for files or
directories created over NFS.

Qumulo Assimilation

Version 4.6.6 provides support for assimilating data from Qumulo storage seamlessly
into the Hammerspace Global Namespace, without modifying any data on Qumulo.

SMB Audit Support

Version 4.6.6 adds support for auditing file system operations by setting Audit SACLs
(System ACLs) over SMB. Previously, setting SACLs was only supported through
NFSv4.2 clients.

Technology Preview Features

RDMA Support

Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) is a direct memory access between computers
without involving the operating system. This reduces latency and optimizes
performance. RDMA support for NFS version 4.2 clients is available as a technology
preview feature. In Version 4.6.6, support has been added to configure RDMA access for
DSX and third-party volumes through the CLI.


Anti-virus functionality is supported as technology preview. Anti-virus support is
implemented using the standard ICAP protocol.

Capacity Planning

Hammerspace provides customers with tools that help them plan their storage needs by
allowing them to simulate data uploads to cloud without actually moving any data, while
taking into account storage efficiency features like data compression and dedupe.

Snowflake Integration

Hammerspace provides the ability to copy data from on-premises or cloud storage into
Snowflake buckets without chunking, encryption or compression. This allows Snowflake
tools to access data directly for reporting and data analysis.