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Hammerspace Release Notes – Version 4.6.4

Hammerspace announces version 4.6.4

2021-Nov-10:  Hammerspace announces a new software release, version 4.6.4

New Features and Enhancements in Hammerspace v4.6.4

Hammerspace software release, version 4.6.4, brings several exciting new features and important updates.

  • File Versioning

Hammerspace File Versioning enables more granular protection of data. A file is versioned when a file is opened and written to. The versioned file is then available in the file system in the .snapshot directory as a read-only file. It can be recovered using the GUI or on the CLI, even from a client.

Versioned files can also be moved to the cloud, including to buckets protected by worm-like policies to ensure protection against outside interference.

File Versioning adds additional protection as compared with Snapshots since it is event driven, and does not rely on a schedule to protect data. File Versioning also complements existing Undelete functionality.

File Versioning is protocol agnostic applicable to both SMB and NFS protocols. It is controlled by file-granular objectives and can be selectively and programmatically applied to a share.

  • Snowflake Volumes

Hammerspace and Snowflake customers are now able to add Snowflake Volumes directly through the Hammerspace Management GUI, making the overall process fast and easy. 

  • Object Storage Volume (OSV) Sizing

In case an OSV size is not automatically detected, this feature allows the manual configuration of an OSV size. This allows Hammerspace users to ensure that an OSV is not overprovisioned. It can also be used as a form of OSV quota size limit. 

  • Support for Passphrase Encryption

There is now support for passphrase encryption, in addition to already existing support for external Key Management System (KMS) encryption. This adds an additional encryption option for customers without the need for a KMS. 

  • Support for RHEL 8.4 Clients

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) comes with many enhancements. Hammerspace version 4.6.4 fully supports RHEL 8.4 clients. For more information on RHEL 8.4 please refer to the official Red Hat release notes.  

  • License Server Support

Customers that deploy multiple Anvils across a single or multiple sites can now centralize all licensing to a site. This makes licensing easier to use and report.

Technology Preview Features

A technology preview feature is functionality exposed in the product for customers to test and try out. The feature is not supported for Production usage. Technology preview features are generally made available with full product support in the subsequent release.

  • RDMA Support 

Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) is a direct memory access between computers without involving the operating system. This, consequently, reduces latency and optimizes performance. RDMA for NFS version 4.2 clients is available as technology preview.