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Hammerspace Release Notes – Version 4.6.2

Hammerspace announces version 4.6.2

2021-Apr-05:  Hammerspace announces a new software release, version 4.6.2

New Features and Enhancements in Hammerspace v4.6.2

  • Access-Based Enumeration

Access Based Enumeration is available as part of version 4.6.2. It can be set at the share level using a share objective. Once enabled, this allows only files and directories with read access to be visible in a directory listing for specific users.

Major Enhancements

  • Global File System

Version 4.6.2 improves support for asynchronous replication of data and metadata, particularly when performing simultaneous modification of files on multiple geographically separated sites.  

  • GUI Performance

Several enhancements have been made to substantially improve the GUI response times for large-scale Hammerspace deployments. 

Technology Preview Features

This category consists of product features made available for testing purposes only. Technology preview features are not supported for production use. In general, a preview feature will be made available with full product support in the following release. 

  • Antivirus Scanning

Antivirus is now supported as a technology preview feature. Antivirus support is implemented through standard ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol). ICAP is a protocol defined in RFC 3507. 

  • Capacity Planning Analysis

Hammerspace provides customers with tools that help them plan their storage needs by allowing them to simulate data uploads to cloud without actually moving any data, while taking into account storage efficiency features like data compression and dedupe. 

  • Native Cloud Volume Support

With support for native volumes, customers have the ability to access cloud data using any third-party tools and applications.