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Hammerspace Now Supports Data On Tape

By Eric Bassier, Senior Director of Solution Marketing

Hammerspace was founded with the mission to end data silos. In 2021, we pioneered the Global Data Environment: software that unifies all of your unstructured data to provide fast local access to global data. It can span edge-core-cloud environments, can be deployed anywhere (bare metal, VM, container, cloud), and can run on any type of storage: NVMe flash, SSD, HDDs, NAS, object storage, and cloud storage. Hammerspace uses objective-based automation and machine learning to place data in the appropriate location and storage tier to meet cost, performance, and compliance requirements.

New Hammerspace Option Provides Low Cost, Secure, Green Tape Storage

IT budgets are continually pressed to create, retain, analyze and use ever-increasing capacities of unstructured data. Tape is still used widely for deep archives and cold data storage in HPC and scientific research organizations, large media providers, and even by the world’s largest cloud providers. These organizations value tape because it is a low-cost, secure, and “green” data storage option.

Now, with today’s announcement, Hammerspace has extended the Global Data Environment to be able to support data on tape.  In other words, files stored on tape will now be visible in the Hammerspace global file system – the files appear as active data in the Global Data Environment along with data stored on any other type of storage.  This gives our customers a new option to reduce infrastructure costs, strengthen cybersecurity, and address corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. No other solution in the industry can span the hottest data all the way to the coldest data in a single namespace, providing organizations access to their data when and where they need it. 

Fig 1: The Hammerspace Global Data Environment provides global file access and data orchestration across multi-vendor storage environments, including tape, cloud, and multi-site. 

Now Integrated with Three Vendors that Provide Support for All Tape Libraries

Hammerspace has integrated with solutions from three vendors – Grau Data, PoINT Software & Systems and QStar Technologies – to provide this new capability.

Each one of these vendors provides an “S3 Object” front-end or gateway in order to store data on tape, including tape libraries from any tape library vendor. And any of these can now be added as a storage target to the Hammerspace Global Data Environment with a few button clicks – making it easy for customers to take advantage of the economic benefits of tape. 

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About the Author

Eric is the Senior Director, Solution Marketing and Sales Enablement, at Hammerspace. He is an innovative product leader with extensive experience launching and evangelizing products, driving go-to-market strategies, and creating compelling content to drive customer engagement and growth.