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Hammerspace Newsletter August 2023

Welcome to the August 2023 edition of the Hammerspace Newsletter! 

This issue focuses on the Next Data Cycle and the opportunities it brings for enterprises and public sector organizations. 

The last data cycle drove value from structured data through enhanced business intelligence. But the volume of unstructured file data exceeds by orders of magnitude that of structured data. And it is precisely this reality that is now driving the Next Data Cycle, with innovations in technology that enable the industry to now bridge silos, sites, and clouds to tap into the wealth of valuable information hidden within massive, decentralized, unstructured data sets. Doing so will for the first time give organizations the ability to truly derive business value from often inactive unstructured data repositories, activating their digital assets to provide the insights needed to help transform their businesses.

“The industry has long been focused on the complexity of storing and accessing massive quantities of unstructured data,” said Senior Strategist Randy Kerns of Futurum Group. “With the technologies of today and requirements for data, the urgent need in the latest data cycle is the orchestration of a data pipeline of unstructured data to analytics for AI and machine learning applications, enabling speed and agility for enterprises.”

Hammerspace is uniquely positioned to accelerate the Next Data Cycle for enterprises through ground-breaking technology that enables unstructured data orchestration at any scale. And the industry has taken notice; we were proud to announce our first round of institutional investment in July, led by Prosperity7 Ventures, as well as Pier 88 Hedge Fund, ARK Invest, and others.

“The information of our world increasingly is decentralized. Companies, now more than ever, need to access and move unstructured data out of silos and across platforms, making it more useful and valuable,” said Cathie Wood, Founder, CEO, and CIO of ARK Invest

  • Read more about how we’re helping organizations to unlock value and innovation in the Next Data Cycle in this blog post from Hammerspace CEO David Flynn.
  • Watch our presentation at the recent Supercloud 3 event, where David Flynn outlines how the world has shifted to vast amounts of unstructured data and how to extract it using Hammerspace’s Data Orchestration System independent of the operating system and network. 
  • Learn about the AI landscape, the different types of AI, and how Hammerspace unlocks the full potential of AI and ML in this partner-focused webinar as well as our new Use Case page
  • Join us on Tuesday, August 15 for a live webcast event as CEO David Flynn shares how data orchestration helps organizations gain insights from unstructured data scattered across different storage silos, and drive product innovation and business opportunity with AI, machine learning, and analytics. 

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One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is putting their unstructured data to work in their AI strategies, because it is typically scattered across multiple locations and data silos. AI models limited to using data from a single storage silo will be at a major disadvantage compared with those that can access a wide range of data sets stored across multiple storage platforms and likely multiple geographic locations. 

To effectively access all this data, an unstructured data orchestration system is required that spans both siloed storage types as well as multiple geographic locations. Doing so enables systems to place, present, and preserve data for access by the AI and ML models wherever the data is and wherever the models are run.

Learn more on our new Use Case page for Analytics, AI and ML.

Unstructured Data Orchestration Key to Riding the Wave and Unlocking Value and Innovation in The Next Data Cycle

The Next Data Cycle is happening now. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, the enterprises and public sector organizations that can effectively bridge these multiple types of storage silos to exploit this growing volume of unstructured data will transform their businesses in the Next Data Cycle. It marks an evolution in how all data, especially unstructured data, is accessed, analyzed, and activated. 

Hammerspace’s Origin Story, the Spider-Verse, and the Magic of Data Orchestration

What or where is Hammerspace anyway, and where did that name come from? And what does it have in common with the summer’s biggest blockbuster Spider Man: Across the Spider-Verse? 

Get your favorite snack and beverage ready, and enjoy our latest on-demand, educational webinars.

Partner Focus: The Impact of Data Orchestration for AI – In this 45 minute on-demand webinar, partners will learn about the AI landscape, the different types of AI, and how the Hammerspace Data Orchestration System unlocks the full potential of AI and ML by accessing a wide range of data sets stored from across multiple storage platforms and geographic locations.

​UPCOMING! REGISTER NOW!: Join Hammerspace CEO David Flynn on Tuesday, August 15, for a live webcast event as he share how data orchestration helps organizations gain insights from unstructured data scattered across different storage silos, and drive product innovation and business opportunity with AI, machine learning, and analytics. 

Best Practices in Building AI Data Pipelines w/ David Flynn – The Data Unchained podcast welcomes back David Flynn, CEO of Hammerspace. In this episode, we talk with David about what investors are looking for in the data industry in a pretty tough economy, what the future of AI looks like in the market and in the industry, and how the AI data pipelines are revolutionizing the industry.

Data Scientists: The Tools and an Inside Look at the Trade w/ Vishwas Prabhu – What is a Data Scientist? What type of tools do they use to handle different types of workflows? What kinds of problems, in bioscience, are data teams and data scientists trying to solve? Join us on this latest podcast episode of Data Unchained as we talk with Vishwas Prabhu, Data Scientist at Twist Bioscience, as we discover what the role of a data scientist is.

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In a testament to the trust that our customers, partners, and investors have in Hammerspace – as well as the hard work and dedication of our team members – we announced  $56.7 million in funding in our first round of institutional investment led by Prosperity7 Ventures, as well as Pier 88 Hedge Fund, ARK Invest, and others.  

“Driven by AI advancements, robust tools now exist to analyze data and tease out actionable insights. However, file storage infrastructure has not kept pace with these advancements,” said Jonathan Tower, managing director at Prosperity7 Ventures. “Hammerspace’s breakthrough technology enables businesses to efficiently access unstructured data, moving us closer to what the cloud was always intended to be – unified, seamless access to data, irrespective of geography, without silos, unacceptable latency or infrastructure limitations. “Our investment in Hammerspace maps back to our commitment to supporting entrepreneurs who are developing next-generation technologies with the potential to create category-defining companies with global reach and scale.”

Hammerspace also announced the appointment of Betsy Doughty as Senior Director of Worldwide Partner Marketing. Doughty will play a vital role in expanding the global footprint of Hammerspace’s Data Orchestration System and making unstructured data a global resource that allows partners and customers to unlock its value, create new revenue streams and drive operational efficiency.

Hammerspace’s momentum continues with some great editorial coverage in many of the leading business, storage and technology publications:

SIGGRAPH 2023 is the premier conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques worldwide. Visit Hammerspace in booth #917 August 6-10 in Los Angeles and join our BoF session, “Geo-Distributed Workflows with Real-Time Artist Collaboration” where we will discuss the latest innovations to run VFX, animation, and finishing projects across multiple cloud instances while enabling real-time remote artist collaboration. 

Flash Memory Summit (FMS) is an all-inclusive international memory and storage showcase. It is the one-stop place to catch up on the latest technologies, see the hottest products, and learn about what’s happening and where the latest trends are heading. Join us August 8-10 in Santa Clara at booth #755 – we’ll also be presenting in five sessions during the conference:

  • The Current State and Future Direction of Storage System Investments for Generative AI and Analytics Workloads (David Flynn)
  • Three Science-based Strategies to Elevate your Confidence (David Flynn)
  • Flash Arrays Will Be Everywhere but What Are the Changing Customer Requirements and Winning Go-to-Market Strategies (Molly Presley)
  • Superwomen in Flash (Molly Presley and Saadia Khan)
  • Automated File Data Orchestration in a Global Parallel File System (David Flynn)

IBC sits at the global crossroads of the media, entertainment and technology industries providing an informative, innovative and engaging experience. Join Hammerspace in booth #7.B59 September 15-18 in Amsterdam!

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