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Hammerspace Empowers Real-Time Collaboration for Remote Creative Teams

IBC2023 Demonstration In Conjunction with AWS and Autodesk Demonstrate Geographically Scaling Flame Workflows for the First Time Ever

SAN MATEO, Calif. – September 12, 2023 – Hammerspace, the company orchestrating the Next Data Cycle, today announced that it will showcase at IBC2023 how studios can transform workflows to make real-time collaboration possible for artists in different geographies. IBC2023 is in Amsterdam RAI from September 15-18, 2023. In Hall 7, Booth 7.B59, Hammerspace will demonstrate its ability to Geographically Scale Autodesk Flame Workflows. The demo will showcase an Autodesk Flame artist seamlessly running cloud-based workflows across multiple AWS cloud-based instances and regions using Hammerspace data orchestration software. The remote artist collaboration demonstration is further enhanced with the addition of the Like Minded Labs’ TODA Live tools for live viewing and communication, all in a media-rich environment. The twice-daily demonstrations will run on Friday, September 15, Saturday, September 16, and Sunday, September 17, at 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the Hammerspace booth.

At IBC2023, Hammerspace will demonstrate how its game-changing Data Orchestration System automates content placement into the most optimal storage locations, making it ideal for post-production, visual effects (VFX), and animation workflows. The persistent growth in demand for the production of rich media in entertainment, education, and advertising is pushing creative organizations to innovate. Creative teams are increasingly working remotely yet need local data access and the ability to use their preferred tools and applications on workstations, data centers, and the cloud to be productive.

With Hammerspace, television and film creatives, content publishers, special effects artists and corporate video producers can work securely, efficiently, and effectively in a decentralized world with a data orchestration system that addresses the five critical areas affected by decentralized productions:

  • Remote Workforce: Hammerspace enables organizations to leverage remote talent with tools to orchestrate content to remote locations and provide low latency, local read/write access to global data.
  • Metadata-Driven Workflows: Actionable metadata-based policies enable complete control and lifecycle management of content and the ability to define and enforce policies to meet access, cost, performance, locality, security and protection objectives.
  • Cost Control: Make all data accessible and available from any location with a global file system while ensuring it is stored and protected on the most cost-effective storage tier.
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage and Burst Render Flexibility: Enable simple and automated hybrid cloud flexibility and gain instant access to the most available or cost-effective compute resources and storage capacity across any cloud or region. It allows teams to meet unforeseen peak demands, access new technologies or simply “chase the spot.”

MovieLabs 2030 Vision

The company’s demonstrations will also highlight how Hammerspace, in collaboration with its partners, is committed to enabling MovieLabs 2030 Vision by providing customers with global file access and automated non-disruptive data orchestration.

Schedule time for a live demo or to meet with the Hammerspace team at IBC2023: https://hammerspace.com/event/ibc-2023/

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