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Hammerspace CEO David Flynn to Host “State of Data Architectures in the Next Data Cycle” Event

SAN MATEO, Calif. – August 9, 2023 – Hammerspace, the company orchestrating the Next Data Cycle for enterprises, today announced Founder and Chief Executive Officer David Flynn will host the “State of Data Architectures in the Next Data Cycle” at 9:00 am PT/12:00 noon ET on Tuesday, August 15, 2023. 

Scott Sinclair, Practice Director for TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group, will join Flynn to discuss the transformation of data architectures, gaps in the hybrid cloud data movement, and how to make data more accessible for data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and remote work collaboration. 

Enterprises and government organizations are in a race to gather insights from all data, not just their structured database data. New technologies are now being deployed in the most innovative organizations, giving them a competitive advantage with their data platforms. The data architectures of these organizations are:

  • Driven by insights from analytics and AI applications 
  • Fueled by data orchestration to eliminate data silos and bring data to remote compute, applications and users
  • Powered by GPU computing to accelerate time to insights

Leading online gaming, space exploration, visual effects, life sciences, telecommunications, and financial services organizations are deploying innovative data architectures for the Next Data Cycle to:  

  • Break down storage silos. Unify all data stored on multiple vendors’ technology and in different cloud regions into a single global namespace.  
  • Put data in motion. Intelligently and automatically move data to the compute, applications or users that can benefit from data access.
  • Eliminate data copies. Create a “gold data” set to ensure applications use the correct version while eliminating the costs of managing and storing multiple copies of data. 
  • Overcome data gravity. Automatically place data on the infrastructure that meets business “objectives.” When data needs to be put in motion, user access is not disrupted while data is in motion and only required files are moved.
  • Deliver high performance to all.  Data-hungry applications and users often have different performance requirements for their workflows. Providing high-performance ingest, fast checkpointing, and low latency local access to remote data are all important in today’s global data environments.

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