Hammerspace announces version 4.6.3

New in v4.6.3

Hammerspace software release, version 4.6.3, brings several exciting new features and important updates.


Audit Support

Access-Based Enumeration, frequently abbreviated as ABE, is now available as part of Hammerspace 4.6.3. Access-Based Enumeration can be set at the share-level by using a share objective. Once ABE is enabled, only files and directories with read access will be visible in a directory listing for specific users.


Qemu Support

Support for Qemu guest agent has been added to version 4.6.3, providing increased visibility for native virtualization management tools.



Hammerspace Toolkit (hstk) utility now supports labels. Users can create and manage explicit as well as implicit labels by leveraging the power of hstk on GitHub.


Major Enhancements


Share Level Objectives

Hammerspace Objectives are declarative policies. As of version 4.6.3, Objectives can be set at the share level such that they cannot be removed or disabled further down in the share.


Share Objective for Access-Based Enumeration, Antivirus, and WORM

Version 4.6.3 provides customers the ability to set share level objectives for WORM, AV and ABE features.


Unicode Support

Several enhancements have been added to improve the overall internationalization support.


Native Cloud Volume Support

Native Cloud Volume Support empowers customers to easily access cloud data using any third-party tools or applications.


Direct Data Copy between Native and Non-Native Cloud Buckets

In previous releases, data copy between native (non-chunked, non-compressed and non-encrypted) and non-native (chunked with or without compression/encryption) cloud buckets required data to be re-hydrated to NAS as an intermediate step. This is no longer needed with version 4.6.3.


Technology Preview Features

A technology preview feature is functionality exposed in the product for customers to test. The feature is not supported for Production usage. Technology preview features are generally made available with full product support in the subsequent release.


Snowflake Integration

Version 4.6.3 provides the ability to copy data from on-premises or cloud storage directly into Snowflake buckets without chunking, encryption, or compression. This allows Snowflake tools to readily access data directly for reporting and data analysis.


Capacity Planning Analysis

Hammerspace provides customers with tools to make the laborious work of capacity planning easier and more efficient. One of those features is allowing customers to simulate uploading data to cloud without moving any data. This allows customers to also calculate the impact of Hammerspace storage efficiency features, such as compression and deduplication.