Hammerspace announces version 4.6.0

Hammerspace announces a new software release, version 4.6

Hammerspace is thrilled to announce the general availability of version 4.6 which adds an expended portfolio of services and features to help organizations accelerate hybrid multi-cloud and storageless data deployments. In this release, Hammerspace adds a number of enterprise features and enhancements, such as Hammerspace Global File System, synchronous data mirroring, instant restore from snapshots,  NFS v4 ACLs, and reassimilation of changed data sets. Performance has been further improved in multiple areas, along with stronger support for multiple AWS Availability Zones, and support for additional cloud storage providers.

Global File System

Customers can now deploy a single namespace and global file system across different geographical sites and replicate data and metadata across these sites. The data in global shares are available Read-Write on multiple sites at the same time. Initial support goes up to 8 sites concurrently active on the same share.

Synchronous Data Mirroring

Hammerspace can now synchronously mirror data to different volumes for increased resiliency. There are known issues with RHEL 7.7 around writing to mirrors. Therefore, its recommended to use later client versions when using this functionality.


For datasets that are changing over time, reassimilation provides an efficient and effective way to only assimilate the changes between assimilated datasets.

Additional Cloud Storage

Hammerspace now supports NetApp ONTAP S3 and Wasabi Cloud storage and allows these storage types to be added directly from the GUI.

Multiple AWS Availability Zones

Anvil and DSX nodes in a cluster can be deployed across different Availability Zones within a region. This allows customers to control data placement across Availability Zones using objectives, in addition to providing metadata and data HA failover support across Availability Zones.


Hammerspace now supports setting, reading and modifying NFSv4 ACLs from native NFSv4.2 clients.

Capacity Heartbeat

To enable Capacity based licensing, the product will periodically compare system capacity use with licensed capacity. This heartbeat is sent to the Hammerspace support center every time it is generated.

Instantaneous Restore from Share Snapshots

Restoring data and metadata from a share snapshot is now instantaneous.

Backup and Recovery

Being able to backup and then restore metadata is a vital part of data availability in the event of a real disaster. A number of enhancements have gone into the product to make sure these workflows are as seamless as possible.

GUI Scalability

A number of enhancements have been made to improve GUI responsiveness when rendering share and node listings in large scale setups.


As part of this supportability effort, size of support bundles has been reduced for easier and timely upload and download, various functional areas have been hardened including but not limited to software update, licensing and deletion of shares, better error reporting has been added and last but not least, various improvements have been made in the product to handle errors internally and avoid any disruptions to clients and applications.


Technology Preview Features

This category consists of product features made available for testing purposes only. Technology preview features are not supported for production use. In general, a preview feature will be made available with full product support in the following release.

Capacity Planning Analysis

Hammerspace provides customers with tools that help them plan their storage needs by allowing them to simulate data uploads to cloud without actually moving any data, while taking into account storage efficiency features like data compression and dedupe.

Native Cloud Volume Support

With support for native volumes, customers have the ability to access cloud data using any third-party tools and applications.