Hammerspace announces version 4.3.0

Hammerspace announces a new software release, version 4.3.0


Hammerspace is thrilled to announce the general availability of version 4.3 which adds an expanded portfolio of services and features to help businesses with their SDS and hybrid multi-cloud needs.

With this release, Hammerspace adds Data Encryption support in addition to usability enhancements like Alert cleanups upon Event recovery, GUI support for SMB assimilation, supporting one end point for all protocol access and preventing non-compliant NFSv4.2 clients from accessing the Anvil. Hammerspace is also now available in Amazon GovCloud for customers with additional security requirements.

Last-but-not-least, Hammerspace version 4.3 also offers tech preview of the Universal Global Namespace, WORM and a Capacity Planning tool that helps customers better plan their capacity needs over time.

With these new capabilities, Hammerspace customers can easily consume data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments without compromising on security, performance, availability, or ease of use.


New in v4.3.0

Data encryption support with on-premises Key Management support

In flight and at rest encryption of data when transferring it to and storing it in public-cloud buckets/containers is a primary concern for customers wanting to mobilize their data into the public-cloud. Additionally, customers want to have full control over the keys used for data encryption and also want the data encrypted on-premises using their keys before it leaves to get persisted in public-cloud buckets. Finally, customers would like a simple and single unified mechanism to encrypt their data across their private, hybrid and multi-public-cloud environments.

Hammerspace now supports encrypting user data when copying files to object-volumes using nCipher HSM.

NFS 4.2 client white listing support

Hammerspace supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 clients for NFS 4.2 access and prevents any non-compliant NFS 4.2 client from accessing data by automatically redirecting connections to NFS v3.

Single end point access across protocols

In the past, customers had to access the Hammerspace namespace over different export end points based on the access protocol (NFS v3, SMB or NFS 4.2). Starting from version 4.3, Hammerspace is now accessible via the same end points across all protocols.

GUI support for SMB data assimilation

Hammerspace supports assimilating third party data into its active namespace without making any changes to the original data. With the latest release, Hammerspace has added GUI support for non-disruptive assimilation of SMB data into its namespace in addition to improving the performance of assimilating large number of files in the same directory.

Amazon GovCloud support

Hammerspace is now also available in the AWS GovCloud Marketplace. This allows Public sector customers with additional security requirements to deploy and start using Hammerspace in GovCloud at the click of a button.

Usability enhancements

Hammerspace version 4.3 contains a number of usability enhancements targeted at optimizing event processing, alert cleanup as well as only showing uncleared events on GUI or CLI login.


Technology Preview Features

A technology preview feature is functionality exposed in the product for customers to test. The feature is not supported for Production usage however it is generally made available with full product support in the sub-sequent release.

Capacity planning analysis

HS provides customers with tools that help them plan their storage needs by allowing them to simulate data uploads to cloud without actually moving any data, while taking into account storage efficiency features like data compression and dedupe.

Worm support

Hammerspace now allows setting objectives to enable WORM support across files, directories and shares, giving customers finer grained control over different types of files.

Global File System

Customers can now deploy a single namespace across different geographical sites and replicate data and metadata across these sites. The data in global shares are available Read-Write on multiple sites at the same time. Initial support goes up to 16 sites concurrently active on the same share.



For more in-depth details on these features, go to https://hammerspace.com/blog/


To download the release and purchase a license, contact us at https://hammerspace.com/contact/







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