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Hammerspace Announces Luminary Board of Advisors

San Mateo, Calif. – January 5, 2022 – Hammerspace, the pioneer of the Global Data Environment, today announced the creation of its Executive Advisory Board, comprised of globally recognized leaders who will provide strategic guidance for the company’s mission of making data a global resource for innovation and development. The Hammerspace Executive Advisory Board members, renowned leaders from across the government, technology, finance and investment communities, include:

  • Bob Flores: Senior Partner with OODA consulting, Founder and CTO of Applicology Incorporated, Former Chief Technology Officer of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Roxane Googin: Chief Futurist of Group 11, over 20 years’ experience predicting macroeconomic technology trends as editor of The High Tech Observer
  • Brendon Howe: Technology thought leader, VP/General Manager of Blockchain at VMWare, and former NetApp executive managing cloud data services and emerging products
  • Kai Li: Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University, prior Founder and Chief Scientist at Data Domain (now part of Dell EMC)
  • Greg McGowan: Senior Strategic Advisor at Franklin Templeton Investments, previous Executive Vice President, Director and General Counsel of Templeton International, Inc.
  • Eric Scollard: Global Sales Executive and Strategic Sales Advisor who has led high-performance sales organizations at Qumulo, ExtraHop, Bycast, Isilon Systems, IBM, and Veritas
  • Eyal Waldman: Chairman Waldo Holdings, Former President and CEO of Mellanox Technologies.

Hammerspace recently introduced full availability of its Global Data Environment solution. The Executive Advisory Board members have been instrumental in providing insights into the end-user, business and economic challenges created by limited and inefficient access to file data that is currently isolated in disconnected silos.

“Enterprises, governments and researchers have been limited for decades by the challenge of using file data outside the edge location, data center, or cloud where it was created,” said Scollard. “This limitation has been holding back the speed of research, innovation, and growth of data-driven businesses, but the Hammerspace Global Data Environment is a true game-changer.”

“A key challenge in providing global access to data has been storage solution boundaries that have historically isolated data into silos,” said Howe. “While serverless computing and application virtualization have helped solve some of the data access challenges, the storage solution challenge to make an organization’s full data set accessible to the people, computers and applications that most need it has proven to be much more difficult to solve.”

“The amount of data generated in the world has been increasing exponentially for years. Despite increases in networking and compute power, the inability of data storage and file system technologies to make an organization’s entire dataset available to distributed environments has been holding back taking full advantage of advanced applications, network, and computing systems,” said Waldman. “Hammerspace is bringing to market the global file system technology needed to unlock the full potential of an organization’s entire data set in edge, multi-datacenter and cloud environments.”

The Hammerspace Global Data Environment solves today’s data accessibility challenges for users, applications, and data wherever they are located.

  • Any Datacenter, Any Cloud, Any Region, Anywhere. Hammerspace enables organizations to easily store, protect and operate on data by moving it to the best location to access compute resources, take advantage of the lowest cost infrastructure, and make files locally available to distributed workforces.
  • Applications Anywhere. Applications can access data stored in remote locations while using automated orchestration tools to provide high-performance local access when needed for processing.
  • Users People are increasingly working from all parts of the world. Organizations seek to grow their talent pools with access to team members no matter where they reside. The Hammerspace Global Data Environment automates and optimizes the movement of data and eliminates the need to replicate a full copy of the data at each site, enabling the enterprise to work more efficiently and cost-effectively.





Hammerspace Global Data Environment

“Hammerspace is addressing a tough problem that the technology industry has been asking for years to be solved,” said Li. “At Data Domain, we focused on making the storage of massive quantities of data cost-effective while optimizing moving that data across networks efficiently. I am excited to see Hammerspace expanding the focus beyond efficiency and cost savings to address the challenges of making data available to users and applications on a global scale.”

“Adjusting to the emerging endemic-COVID economy requires a step function increase in real-time, location-independent operational agility not possible using legacy data silos,” said Googin. “In this fast-changing and unpredictable environment, neither supply chains nor hybrid-work employees can be effectively harnessed without heretofore supra-natural access to all data inputs. Even the largest existing databases or cloud solutions are essentially examples of larger silos. By abstracting data from all storage silos, only Hammerspace can provide the data immediacy needed to thrive in today’s world, much less tomorrow’s.”

“Global investors and boutique investors are all keen to find the companies creating ways to accelerate data-driven solutions coming to market,” said McGowan. “Hammerspace has established itself as an innovator in a storage market that is ripe for disruption.”

Hammerspace introduced the Global Data Environment to provide the world’s first and only solution to connect global users and applications with the entirety of the organization’s valuable data.

“Providing unified access to all of the data that is being created will help governments and enterprises derive insights into a wide range of challenges they face in maintaining security, optimizing investment and predicting future trends,” said Flores. “Solutions to these problems have historically required extensive IT investment in people, infrastructure and countless software solution purchases. I am gratified to work with the Hammerspace team to shift that paradigm.”

“The world needs a revolutionary approach to data access. Hammerspace is committed to making data globally accessible,” said David Flynn, Hammerspace founder and CEO. “We break data free from the constraints of the storage system and liberate IT teams from endless manual data management tasks.”

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