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Hammerspace and XtreemStore

Revolutionizing Data Preservation with Seamless Orchestration and Unmatched Economy

Solutions Brief

The vast majority of unstructured data is dormant but is often stored on expensive storage systems. Often this requires you to keep acquiring more storage and adding more systems that need to be managed. Companies and organizations are increasingly reassessing their long-tern data retention strategies especially as their capacity requirements continue to grow exponentially. The combination of Hammerspace data orchestration and the Grau Data XtreemStore maximizes efficiencies in both data operations and retention.

XtreemStore is tailored to meet the distinct demands of long-term data archiving and business continuity, combining the convenience of an S3 interface with the economic benefits of LTO tape. This fusion eliminates the historical challenges associated with tape, making it as accessible and straightforward as employing S3 cloud storage. As a hardware-neutral solution, XtreemStore software can be effortlessly integrated with any tape library to establish a new S3 partition.

XtreemStore combines the convenience of an S3 interface with the economic benefits of LTO tape

Hammerspace provides a global file system with objective-based polices that make it simple to keep active data on high performance storage and orchestrate dormant data onto tape using the XtreemStore S3-to-tape software. However, the users and applications have visibility and accessibility to all of their files enabling an active archive. This solution requires no third-party data management software, virtual links or stubs. It is simple, transparent and cost effective.

The combination of Hammerspace and XtreemStore include:

      • Reduce TCO: The cost efficiency of tape safeguards businesses from the unpredictable expenses associated with cloud storage, reducing TCO by approx. 50% in the first five years*. Additionally, tiering dormant data off of high cost storage systems to tape, especially without require third-party data management systems, drastically reduces cost and provides far greater capacity efficiency.
      • Data Sovereignty: Organizations maintain full sovereignty over their data, which is vital for compliance with business continuity strategies, data protection laws, and regulatory mandates.
      • Data Protection: The “air gap” that tape storage provides introduces an additional layer of security against ransomware attacks by physically isolating and protecting the data from network-based threats.

Hammerspace has eliminated data gravity with the ability to place and tier data transparently onto a wide range of storage systems including high performance, low cost and off-site storage tiers. By simply creating an objective-based policy, Hammerspace will move dormant data to a local or remote XtreemStore using the S3 protocol that will then be stored on to tape.

Customers can archive PBs and even EBs of data using our combined solutions for long-term retention with right balance of price, performance and ease of use.