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Building immersive entertainment experiences in gaming involves huge numbers of human, application, and infrastructure resources that are usually distributed around the world, both in the cloud and in different data centers.

Software developers, graphic artists, and visual effects creators all use different technology for their workflows and typically work remotely from each other. Yet, all of these resources need to be able to share data and content securely and efficiently.

Hammerspace creates a shared global data environment which makes work across distributed studio locations and multiple cloud regions cohesive. Developers can share code, quickly roll software builds, and update projects without complexity worrying about data copy management, show network speed for sharing, or wondering which data is the master copy. With Hammerspace, automate collaboration, storage, and data movement across data center, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments.

There are several key problems the industry grapples with, which Hammerspace and its Global Data Environment are ideally suited for. 

01. Distributed Datacenters and Hybrid Cloud

The needed compute and storage resources literally circle the globe. Development organizations need to seamlessly take advantage burst capabilities, data center and cloud storage, and fast provisioning to support rapid iteration and support both legacy pipelines and new content creation.

02. Remote Workforce

Developer and creative talent are spread around the world. It is increasingly difficult, particularly in the COVID era, to find talent that can be local to the data centers and production hubs.

03. Decentralized Build Pipelines

Pipeline elements and workflows are spread across several locations around the world. The need to automate processes and make content accessible to these services has proven to be both time consuming and challenging.

For Gaming companies to be competitive, and to reduce the time to market for their products, all of these disparate components must work in unison as though they were all local on one production facility. 

Hammerspace Solution

Hammerspace is a software solution that provides a global data environment across the Hybrid Cloud to give users, applications, and cloud services local access to data, no matter where it is stored.

Hammerspace solves the problems associated with software builds, visual effects, and render pipelines that may be distributed across not only multiple storage silos in a single datacenter, but also across multiple data centers and different Cloud regions. All users in all locations globally access the same files with low latency, local access to shared data resources.

Because the Hammerspace Global Data Environment is a hybrid cloud solution that spans both datacenter and Cloud storage resources in a single global filesystem, gaming production workflows can burst into Cloud compute and storage resources on demand. This enables them both the flexibility and the efficiency of being able to rapidly provision additional resources to parallelize and accelerate workflows.

“If you can’t iterate quickly, you can’t develop quickly.”

Alex Carberry

Infrastructure Architect, Epic Games in AWS
re:Invent 2021 session.


High-performance data pipeline from capture process and legacy pipelines



Accelerate software build pipelines with fast updates and efficient multi-cloud region collaboration


Round the world development with file updates globally for simple distribution of build artifacts.


For animators and visual effects artists, leverage local or cloud compute farm with compute power and economics optimal for the job

Hammerspace Solution

Enable Remote Workforce

High-performance, Read/Write Local Access to Global Data

Accelerate Iteration

Share same copy of all content with any application, any user, any cloud service

Hybrid Cloud

Automate data orchestration and data management services across data centers and cloud regions

Burst Render in Any Region

Use the most cost-effective region with the compute resources needed for large rendering jobs

“We need our workforces located in different countries to easily collaborate on a workflow and distribute software builds to multiple locations for local access by developers.”

Director of IT Engineering

Online Gaming Company

Hammerspace Solutions For

Data and Content Orchestration
Build Pipelines and Distribution
Round the World Development

Hybrid Cloud Automated Data and Content Orchestration

Developers need to move fast on iteration and content creators need access to a variety of data sources, applications, and compute resources. Hammerspace automates data orchestration at a file-granular level to move data live and non-disruptively between data silos in datacenters and the cloud. The objective-based policy engine enables automated resource allocation to accommodate multiple parallel workflows.

Build Pipelines and Distribution

Use preferred set of tools on home or remote workstations to compile, build, deploy and share code from any location. The Hammerspace Global Data Environment makes it simple to rapidly develop, test, and deploy new code on an ongoing basis even when working from multiple studios and sharing data across multiple cloud regions. 

Round the World Development

    Break down the barriers between development and IT operations teams, ensuring faster product delivery with automation and orchestration designed for remote development teams.