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Spotlight Session:

Molly Presley
SVP Global Marketing, Hammerspace

The Vital Role of Data Orchestration in AI and GPU Workloads
June 11, 2024
1:10 PM – 1:30 PM (EDT)


There has been a lot of focus in the industry on how to deliver the performance needed to GPUs as infrastructure teams embark on LLM training, GenAI and Enterprise HPC projects. As the projects expand, data orchestration is crucial to provide efficient and timely movement of decentralized data to available GPUs that likely are not local to the data. By automating and managing the data flow, data orchestration minimizes latency and maximizes GPU utilization, enabling faster processing of large datasets and complex algorithms. We will discuss how existing AI infrastructure teams are leveraging data orchestration to gather larger data sets and improve their AI results.

About Hammerspace

Hammerspace is radically changing how unstructured data is used and preserved. Our Global Data Platform unifies unstructured data across edge, data centers, and clouds. It provides extreme parallel performance for AI, GPUs, and high-speed data analytics, and orchestrates data to any location and any storage system. This eliminate data silos and makes data an instantly accessible resource for users, applications, and compute clusters, no matter where they are located.