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Adding Tape to a Unified Global Data Environment

Hammerspace Field CTO Office Hours

Hammerspace provides organizations with a software-defined, high-performance parallel global file system that provides standards-based file access across any existing third-party storage (now including tape), coupled with automated data orchestration to place data in the optimal storage media type or geographic location to meet latency, performance and cost requirements. 

Together with technology partners Grau Data, PoINT Software and Systems and QStar Technologies, Hammerspace now enables organizations to present data on tape, along with data on any other storage type, in an active global namespace via the Hammerspace Global Data Environment.  

Join this office hours for a live conversation on any tape related topic of your choice.  We will also plan to cover how to:

  1. Enable global access and control of data across different storage silos and locations.
  2. Scale both high-performance and cost effective storage in a single parallel global file system.
  3. Strengthen governance, security, and compliance.
  4. Simplify support of corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Initiatives with “Green” Storage.

About Hammerspace

Hammerspace is radically changing how unstructured data is used and preserved. Our Global Data Platform unifies unstructured data across edge, data centers, and clouds. It provides extreme parallel performance for AI, GPUs, and high-speed data analytics, and orchestrates data to any location and any storage system. This eliminate data silos and makes data an instantly accessible resource for users, applications, and compute clusters, no matter where they are located.