ellwood Evidence needed a unified data platform that would simplify the automation of their operations
across any on-premises or cloud infrastructure that they might come across.

Storageless Data solves ellwood Evidence’s multi-site data management and automation challenges

“Hammerspace is the file data platform we were looking for to build out our sophisticated hybrid cloud infrastructure,” said William Ellwood, CISO of ellwood Evidence. “We collect an enormous amount of data to preserve, analyze, and present as evidence for our clients. It is essential to our business that the automation of data management makes it easy to maintain a transparent chain of custody. At the same time, we need that sensitive data readily available across multiple sites and the cloud for analysis and disaster recovery, with complete visibility across all sites and storage systems, while capacity costs are kept under control.”

Storageless data from Hammerspace uses a global file system enabling multisite data management to reduce infrastructure complexity and cost while improving automation. With support for standard protocols NFS v4.2, v3 and SMB Hammerspace easily supports all sorts of enterprise storage platforms making it the perfect solution for ellwood to service the diverse infrastructures of their client base.

ellwood Evidence is a 100% Canadian-owned digital forensics company based in Toronto that provides forensics and litigation support services across Canada. iPhones and Android smartphones, computers, security systems, tablets, photographs and videos, cloud-based social media services, cloud-based file storage services, USB sticks and backups along with filing cabinets of paper and archive boxes – it’s all potential evidence.

ellwood Evidence has expertise in the preservation, analysis, review, and presentation of modern evidence. Today ellwood Evidence uses an edge, data center, cloud multi-site topology to collect digital evidence on behalf of clients. Clients depend on ellwood to safely transfer digital evidence onto their systems for analysis, preservation, and presentation while maintaining a strict and auditable chain of custody.


Reduced complexity of
multi-site topology

Reduced capacity costs

Improved chain of custody with full data management automation

ellwood Evidence uses storageless data from Hammerspace to advance the field of digital forensics.

ellwood Evidence increases automation while reducing complexity in a hybrid cloud environment

ellwood Evidence has greatly simplified the handling of file data across multiple sites and the cloud. With support for multiple open-standard protocols, like NFS and SMB, they have the flexibility to non-disruptively mobilize data on-demand across sites for archival, disaster recovery, and analysis. Using metadata-based technology simplifies the file-granular automation of their data management workflows. This reduces the risk involved with human intervention which could potentially contaminate digital evidence.

Capacity costs are kept low as data is automatically tiered and optimized according to objectives defined in the metadata, while also maintaining critical data protection and availability across the hybrid cloud infrastructure, effectively making data storageless. Additionally, Hammerspace easily integrated into the existing infrastructure while opening a path for future development free from the limitations of a storage-centric architecture.

Hammerspace helps ellwood Evidence maintain a leadership position in the field of digital forensics as they leverage advanced technologies like Global File System, to extract the maximum value from their clients’ data.

About Hammerspace

Hammerspace is Storageless data for hybrid IT environments. By untethering data from the infrastructure, Hammerspace overcomes data gravity to provide dynamic and efficient hybrid IT storage as a fully automated, consumption-based resource. Customers self-service their data management to enable workload portability from the cloud to the edge. Hammerspace customers include well-known brands across industries including Financial Services, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Government, Higher Education, and Legal Services.

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