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Electronic Design Automation


The automated design of today’s advanced semiconductors and chips is an extremely dynamic, and performance-driven industry. There is tremendous pressure and very tight schedules on EDA pipelines to deliver designs that meet demanding power and performance goals.

A key problem is getting rapid access to high bandwidth and low latency storage and compute resources for application pipelines. Almost as critical as pure performance of the infrastructure, however, is the ability to rapidly ramp up or down these compute and storage resources on demand.

These dynamic workflows stretch both IT resources and legacy solutions multiple areas. Today’s EDA pipelines require:

01. On-demand Infrastructure

EDA workloads are very dynamic in resource requirements. R&D
teams need access to compute and storage resources to accommodate bursts in workload.

02. High Performance

EDA teams leverage some of the most advanced HPC technologies. Workflows require solutions that can provide high-performance, low latency to speed time to results.

03. Hybrid Workflows

The software landscape for EDA is very complex. Organizations need technology partners and solutions that help automate and simplify.

Hammerspace Solution

Hammerspace is a software solution that provides high-performance, low latency data ingest and automated data orchestration to decentralized users, applications, and cloud services to make a globally available EDA pipeline a reality.

Hammerspace’s high-performance global file system combined with the flexibility of cloud compute and storage resources provide the ability to rapidly provision and scale EDA pipelines on demand, for high-performance application workloads. Hammerspace nodes can push data up to the maximum throughput of the instance and network infrastructure and the Hammerspace cluster itself can dynamically scale out to concurrently handle any volume of workloads.


High-performance data from content creation


Share single data set with creative teams to accelerate production


Parallelize work for faster iteration


Leverage local or cloud compute farm with compute power and economics optimal for the job

The Hammerspace Difference

Enable Remote Workforce

Optimize use of different HPC cluster and cloud compute resources optimally with linear performance scalability

Accelerate Iteration

Share same copy of all content with any application, any user, any cloud service.

Hybrid Cloud

Automate data orchestration and data management across data centers and cloud regions

Burst Render in Any Region

Dynamically use the most cost-effective region with the compute resources needed for large rendering jobs

Hammerspace configurations can be finely tuned to the specific EDA workload types, to both conserve resources, but also achieve the needed performance for the job.


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Hammerspace Solutions For

Chip Design
Intellectual Property Design
Silicon Supply Chain

Chip Design


Optimize chip design process with a global data environment that makes all data available to any user or application, no matter where they are located. Unify and automate the workflow from scratch, to processing, to collaboration, and data retention.

Intellectual Property (IP) Design


Improve time to market and optimize workflow efficiencies with a global data environment. Accelerate iteration and time to insights IP design, characterization, and quantification.

Silicon Supply Chain


    Optimize your supply chain with a unified global data environment for business planning, inventory optimization, lifecycle management, component tracking, logistics, and distribution.