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Distributed Workforce


The way businesses work today has profoundly changed, with many companies no longer requiring their employees to work from office locations. However, providing remote access for employees to have a unified view of all an organization’s network shares is extremely challenging, as data is typically stored in multiple data silos in legacy data center systems.

Hammerspace makes network shares visible and accessible to anyone anywhere as though they were sitting next to local storage at the data center. This is done using its metadata-based global file system and invokes file-granular replication to move remote users’ files geographically closer to them when needed. Hammerspace also simplifies IT administration, enabling admins to globally set up policies so applications and users can access all data in the Global Data Environment. This global control of data policies and orchestration may be monitored and adapted as needed to changing requirements and resources through multiple administrative tools via the GUI, Admin CLI, Hammerspace Toolkit, or REST API.

Benefits of Hammerspace with a Distributed Workforce:

01. Access Remote Workers for Larger Talent Pool

People are increasingly working from all parts of the world. Organizations seek to grow their talent pools with access to team members no matter where they reside. Hammerspace delivers high-performance, local access to all of an organization’s data, keeping data driven workers productive.

02. Automate Decentralized Workloads

Applications can access data stored in remote locations while using automated orchestration tools to provide high-performance local access when needed for processing. Sync changes across users, “ahead of time” file granular data orchestration

03. Save Cost with Simple Management

Hammerspace automates and optimizes the movement of data and eliminates the need to replicate a full copy of the files at each site, enabling the enterprise to work more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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