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Deliver Simplified Access to Unstructured Data in the Snowflake Data Cloud

Solutions Brief

The Challenge

As customers continue on their journey towards Digital Transformation, they look for an Intelligent, easy way to get unstructured data into the Snowflake Data Cloud. Snowflake customers increasingly want the Data Cloud to be their single source of truth of all of their data for governance, research, and analytics to improve overall data accessibility and secure data sharing, while reducing storage maintenance to near-zero. Until now, it’s been overly complicated to connect and replicate unstructured data into the Snowflake Data Cloud from third-party NAS, file servers and data lakes.

Key Customer Benefits

  • Copy individual files, file types, and entire file shares into Snowflake Stages
  • Import file metadata into the Snowflake data warehouse Query file metadata for research and analytics
  • Support multiple sites regardless of location or distance

The Solution

Hammerspace is a software solution that simplifies the addition of unstructured file data in the Snowflake Data cloud. Snowflake customers who want to create a single source of truth for unstructured data use the Hammerspace Storageless Data Platform. This approach supports on-premises, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments

Removes Complexity

Support for on-premises, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud environments

Control Capacity Costs

Support policy-based, secure file-granular replication of data into Snowflake reduces data sprawl

Universal Compatibility

Support all NAS products and NAS gateways

Mitigate Risk

Non-disruptively leverage existing investments in infrastructure

Built for the hybrid cloud, Hammerspace takes a data-centric approach to how file data is accessed and man-aged by untethering data from the the underlying infrastructure. Hammerspace serves data at high-performance to any site, across any type of storage while removing the complexity of multi-site storage operations through automation and non-disruptive data management. Customers who deploy Hammerspace can greatly simplify their hybrid cloud experience while reducing the overall cost of their file data.

Quickly search and query file data from the Snowflake data warehouse

Hammerspace makes it simple to get unstructured data into Snowflake. Hammerspace non-disruptively replicates heterogeneous NAS systems via the NFS and/or SMB protocols; copying data into the Snowflake Stage with a single click. Hammerspace automatically keeps file copies up to date in Snowflake even when they change on-premises. The Hammerspace data platform is extremely scalable and can replicate millions of files into Snowflake at various level of granularity, from individual files to entire shares.

Hammerspace imports and transforms file metadata into the Snowflake Data Warehouse from any 3rd-party NAS or file systems so that data can be quickly searched, queried and analyzed. Users can then leverage powerful metadata capabilities such as tagging and keywords to automatically determine what data should be replicated to Snowflake without having to upload all contents.

Support multiple sites, regardless of distance

Hammerspace supports multiple sites regardless of distance and will replicate files across your entire Enterprise into your Snowflake environment easily through a single pane of glass. This includes file data and metadata for all your locations to Snowflake.

Securely centralize data and protect it from external threats

Hammerspace scans files for viruses before replicating into Snowflake. For greater protection, data in Hammerspace can be flagged as immutable by tagging it as Read-only, making it impervious to change from external threats such as ransomware attacks.

About Hammerspace

Hammerspace is storageless data for hybrid IT environments. By untethering data from the infrastructure, Hammerspace overcomes data gravity to efficiently provide hybrid cloud data platform as a fully automated, consumption-based resource. Customers self-service their data management to simplify workload portability from the cloud to the edge.

To learn more, visit us at www.hammerspace.com, on Twitter @Hammerspace_Inc, or LinkedIn @ Hammerspace.