Run Cloud Analytics Using On-Premises Data

Use your data-as-a-service to accelerate the time it takes to kick off your analytics job.  Hammerspace is a fast and straightforward approach to hybrid cloud data management without the limitations of storage silos.  With data-as-a-service, you can self-service all your data management needs without the need to engage IT.  Hammerspace takes the complexity out of finding and accessing your data from any storage and with any data service – on-demand.

Solution Brief

All Data Accessible Everywhere – On-Demand

Serving up your Data-as-a-Service is the best way to maximize the value of your data on the cloud.  Free application owners, data scientists and data engineers from the time-consuming process of managing data sprawl across storage silos, impacting the monetization of company data.  Hammerspace is the only solution that can easily accomplish this mission without adding complexity to the process.

Data Discovery and Preparation

  1. Data Catalogs
    Orchestrate data catalogs with metadata management to introduce agile information governance and cope with data sprawl.
  2. Index & Search
    Finding data and evaluating its quality is critical to successful data operations.  Global visibility and metadata management make this a fast and dependable operation.
  3. Metadata-as-a-Service
    User-defined metadata can tag individual files to manage transformation and curation history for lineage management.

Hybrid Cloud Data Management

  1. Self-Service
    Global data visibility discovers data sprawled across the hybrid cloud, eliminating tedious IT service queues. Data is virtualized in a global namespace at file-level granularity and managed with metadata-as-a-service to make it easy to index, search, and catalog.
  2. Instant Access – Don’t Copy
    Waiting for IT to service and copy data takes too long.  Hammerspace is lightweight, fast, and fully automated with machine learning for on-demand live data-instance mobility.  Start data jobs right away regardless of the physical location of data.
  3. Enterprise Data Services
    Protect data across the hybrid cloud with enterprise data services like global snapshots, transparent recovery, disaster recovery, data replication, and data archives.

Predict and manage the cost of data in the cloud

  1. Machine Learning
    Predict and continuously optimize the cost of your data across the hybrid cloud, measuring application performance telemetry, and storage and network costs.
  2. Live Data-Instance Mobility
    Non-disruptively present data to the most efficient service available to balance cost and data performance in real-time.
  3. Analytics and Reporting
    Intuitive dashboards show the cost of your data across the infrastructure at any moment. Efficiently develop cloud strategies to meet the needs of your data as it grows with predictive infrastructure modeling.


Hammerspace virtualizes and abstracts data from the infrastructure using machine learning, creating the agility required to provide File Data-as-a-Service to any application or data service.