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Burst for Compute


Video rendering, data analysis, simulation, and other workloads often require thousands of compute cores per project. Most applications do not have access to the required number of processors and need to burst to alternative datacenter or cloud compute environments for large jobs.

With Hammerspace, organizations benefit from having complete control 
of which compute cluster or region they want to use for a given workload. Hammerspace easily and transparently moves data on a schedule, or more commonly, under the control of customers own scheduling.

Benefits of Burst Rendering with Hammerspace:

01. Leverage all of Your Organization’s Compute Resources

Fully Leverage all of Your Organization’s Compute Resources, Wherever They are Located. Most organizations have some compute clusters that are fully utilized while others have idle time. Make the most out of the resources you own by keeping them running at capacity.

02. Access Additional Compute Power in the Cloud

Many workloads only need added compute power on occasion. Burst to the cloud on occasion to harness the full number or cores you need to keep a project on schedule or to add unplanned additional workload.

03. Compute in the Lowest Cost Region to Save Money

The cost per core in a cloud region is dependent on many factors. Choose the region for your compute job that is most economical to save substantial money.

We often can save $250,000 per movie by rendering in a low cost cloud region.


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