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Bringing High-Performance Erasure Coding to the Hammerspace Global Data Environment

By Eric Bassier, Senior Director Solution Marketing

Yesterday we announced the addition of high-performance erasure coding to Hammerspace software. This is the latest in a series of innovations we’ve brought to market this year, including support for data on tape in January, the introduction of the Hyperscale NAS architecture in February, and now a new option for for customers to build high-performance, highly resilient storage clusters on commodity hardware.

Hammerspace Erasure Coding is Up to 2x Faster Than Other Erasure Coding Schemes

Hammerspace erasure coding is based on the Mojette Transform erasure code, which is up to 2x faster than traditional erasure coding schemes, because it uses simple XOR logic to avoid the complex mathematical calculations of Reed-Solomon. Therefore it is more CPU-efficient and leaves more compute power available for other applications. 

Migrate Data from Legacy Storage Systems Non-Disruptively In Three Easy Steps

Hammerspace features such as Data-in-Place Assimilation and Objectives-Based Policies make it easy to migrate data from legacy storage systems to a Hammerspace erasure-coded storage cluster – non-disruptively and in three easy steps:

Eliminate Data Silos to Make Data a Globally Shared Resource – to Feed GPU Clusters and GPU Clouds, Speed Time to Data Insight, and Streamline Global Collaboration

Erasure coding is just one of the many advanced cross-platform data services and capabilities that Hammerspace software delivers. 

At the core of these capabilities is Hammerspace’s unique Parallel Global File System architecture that separates metadata and data into a control plane and a data plane. This architecture enables a number of capabilities that solve key challenges in any global data environment for AI training and inference and GPU computing, – but that will be the subject of another blog. 

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