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Hammerspace provides native file services in the Public Cloud.  You can use NFS 3, 4.2 and SMB in AWS.  We also have a CSI driver supporting block and file for Kubernetes use cases.

Hammerspace provides snapshots, clones, replication, WORM, delete deny, undelete and other services for your data.  All of these features are included in the license.

*Hammerspace offers one 10 TB license free per customer, all other cloud infrastructure costs are the responsibility of the user

Benefits of signing up for 10 TB free in the cloud:

  • Available in AWS Marketplace, Google Marketplace, and Azure
  • All features are included
  • Unlimited nodes and availability zones
  • Get 8×5 support from the Hammerspace team through email and Slack
  • On-premises to cloud (Hybrid cloud support is available. Contact sales for details)

Hammerspace is used by customers to deliver file services natively into Kubernetes or any file rich environment on-premises and in the cloud. All new features are included in the license:

  • Fully resilient with integrated High Availability
  • High performance SMB and NFS file dataservices with scale-out architecture up to 60 nodes
  • Single click deployment with cloud-specific templates
  • Integrated backup capability using snapshots, stored deduplicated and compressed in S3, with integrated GUI for recovery
  • Cloud-agnostic with cloud-to-cloud data mobility Automated tiering into S3 for inactive data
  • Secure data against modifications or deletions with file-granular Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM)
  • Leverage unique Undelete functionality to protect against accidental deletes
  • Global File System (early access) to deploy a single namespace across different sites. The data in global shares are available Read-Write on multiple sites at the same time
  • Self-service data recovery
    Data replication across regions and clouds Data Profiler to model the cost of data

Hammerspace overcomes the siloed nature of the hybrid cloud
using technology that makes complicated enterprise storage obsolete.

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